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Th09reimu spellattack

Spell Card Charge

Th09reimu charge No. Charge: 「博麗アミュレット」

"Hakurei Amulet"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
— —
Comment: Reimu fires off a small number (2-4) of homing cards. Target is auto-selected by the computer.

Spell Card EX

Th09reimu ex No. EX: 「陰陽玉」

"Yin-Yang Orb"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
— —
Comment: Reimu summons a yin-yang on the opponent's field. The orb moves in an arc - when it appears, it'll first travel upwards a bit (while maintaining whatever horizontal velocity it has), and then slow down and turn around back down. The orb will bounce off the sides of the player screen, and exit the screen at the bottom.

Spell Card Lv2

Th09reimu lvl2 No. Lv2: 霊符「陰陽印」

Spirit Sign "Ying-Yang Sign"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
— —
Comment: Two circles of bullets appear; the outer one, of red cards, and the inner one of a combination of dot bullets and others. Both will expand at first; but the inner ring will stop after a short period of time and redirect itself to "aim" at the player. Note each bullet in the inner ring is individually "aimed", so it looks as if the whole ring is twisting and contorting en route.

As Spell Card level increases, the distance between each bullet in the ring decreases.

High levels (over 13?) of this Spell Card duplicate itself. After the initial circles appear, another set of similar circles will appear as well, and behave identically.

Spell Card Lv3

Th09reimu lvl3 No. Lv3: 霊符「夢想封印」

Spirit Sign "Fantasy Seal"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
— —
Comment: In this, two rings of card-type bullets appear - an outer ring of red cards, and an inner ring of grey cards. Similar to level 2, both rings will expand, but the inner ring will stop and re-aim. However, after a few seconds, it'll stop and re-aim yet again.

Like level 2, higher level Spell Cards have less distance between bullets, and high level cards duplicate themselves.

Spell Card Boss

Th09reimu boss No. Boss: 霊符「博麗幻影」

Spirit Sign "Hakurei Illusion"

Owner: Reimu Hakurei
— —
Comment: Boss summon.

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