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Reimu wins herself

Reimu 誰? Who're you?

Reimu wins Marisa

Reimu 森は花なんて気の利いた植物は無いでしょう?
Forests don't have any plants as fancy as a flower, does it?
And that's why you're weak.
Reimu 花びらの方が自然に落ちているわ。
A flower petal's falling more naturally, you know.
Unnatural straightness like that isn't going to work out.
Reimu 花を持っている妖精が見えるでしょう?


Can you see the fairy with the flower?

That's the proof that the flower's not natural.

Since fairies are nature itself, they're having an uproar with the flowers that are unnatural.

Reimu wins Sakuya

Reimu 花に金属は可哀想だわ。
Metal on flower's just a sad thing.
Do pick it up before you go back, will you?
Reimu こういう時は昼間出歩けない奴は可哀想ね。 At times like this, I feel sorry for whoever can't walk outside during daytime.
Reimu あんたの名前は……

Your name... points to which flower's blooming?

Reimu wins Youmu

Reimu 良いわね。
Must be nice; otherworldly people can be carefree all the time.
Reimu 神社ばっかりじゃなくて、今度はあの世で
Why don't we have a flower viewing in the other world, instead of always at the shrine?

Reimu wins Reisen

Reimu そういえば、あんたん所の兎が
By the way, I heard your rabbit's doing mischief here and there.
Reimu そうそう、この間、月がもの凄い勢いで

Oh, right. I saw the moon waning in a breakneck speed before.

Was that you and your friends' doing?

Reimu wins Cirno

Reimu 春の季節に一番要らない妖精ね。
You're the one fairy we don't need in spring.
Reimu あんたはあまりはしゃがないの。
Don't you go wild.
Flowers are gonna wilt.

Reimu wins Lyrica

Reimu やかましいわね。
Too noisy.
Spirits are supposed to come out more subtlely.

Reimu wins Merlin

Reimu ああもう。
Really, your sound's dangerous-it makes me all hyper.

Note.1: ZUN's Typo? Right spell is "が"?

Reimu wins Lunasa

Reimu あんたと居ると、何か気持ちが沈むわ。 Being with you makes me somewhat gloomy.

Reimu wins Mystia

Reimu 初めて明るいところで見たけど、
First time I've seen you in a bright place and you look weird.
Reimu 良く呑まなくても歌えるわね。 Amazing, how you can sing without even drinking.

Reimu wins Tewi

Reimu 兎が増えてきたわね。
Rabbits seem to be increasing nowadays.
Must be rabbit hunting season again, I guess?

Reimu wins Aya

Reimu ほら、私が天狗を倒した武勇伝でも
Now go write a heroic tale about me beating a tengu or something!
Reimu 何であんたは、人の失敗談ばっか記事にするの
Why do you always make a news just out of people's failure?

Reimu wins Medicine

Reimu 毒も程々にしないと、躰に毒よ。 Too much poison's going to be bad for you.

Reimu wins Yuka

Reimu また迷惑な奴が出てきたもんねぇ。 Great, more bothersome ones.
Reimu そういえば、今回の異変はあんたの仕業

By the way, this mishap's your doing, right?
I knew it from the start.

Reimu wins Komachi

Reimu 何でそんなにお金を持っているの? Why do you have so much money?

Reimu wins Sikieiki

Reimu 人の事言う前に、あんたはどうなのよ。
Before you talk about anyone else, how about you?
You really didn't do anything wrong?

Reimu wins someone

Reimu こんな所で時間をつぶしてて良いのかしら?
Can I really kill time in a place like this?
This is all flowers' fault.
Reimu 春風でも吹いて、花を散らせる位でちょうど
Spring breeze making flowers fall is just about the right level.
Reimu 何でも良いけど

Doesn't really matter to me, but...

Flowers are just gonna fall after blooming, right?
After that, this year's gonna be over so soon?

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