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Th09mystia spellattack

Spell Card Charge

Th09mystia charge No. Charge: 「リトルバタリオン」

"Little Battalion"

Owner: Mystia Lorelei
— —
Comment: Mystia fires a volley of birds forward.

Spell Card EX

Th09mystia ex No. EX: 「バードウォッチング」

"Bird Watching"

Owner: Mystia Lorelei
— —
Comment: A bird flies a curved path across the opponent's screen, leaving two trails of blue bullets in its wake. The points where the bird enters and where it leaves the screen is apparently random. After a short time, these trails peel away from its original line to either side. Note that because the bird is the one that lays down these trails of bullets, the trail is interrupted should the bird be removed through the use of a Lv2 or greater attack, or with Youmu's sword L1 attack. However, the bullets that the bird had managed to lay before being destroyed will still move outwards in the previously described manner.

Spell Card Lv2

Th09mystia lvl2 No. Lv2: 鳥符「ヒューマンケージ」

Bird Sign "Human Cage"

Owner: Mystia Lorelei
— —
Comment: A bird appears from the side of the opponent's screen, and slowly flies to the other side in a straight line, laying down several trails of densely packed bullets in its wake. After a short time, these trails peel away above and below, forming curved lines of bullets. Half of these trails are made up of removable bullets. This bird will always appear an equal distance from the top and bottom of the screen. Note that, like her EX attack, if the bird laying down the bullets is destroyed, the laying of bullets stops, but the existing bullets will still peel away.

Spell Card Lv3

Th09mystia lvl3 No. Lv3: 鳥符「ヒューマンケージダブル」

Bird Sign "Human Cage Double"

Owner: Mystia Lorelei
— —
Comment: Much like her Lv2, except that two birds appear from opposite sides of the screen, and the bullets laid are all non-removable. The birds are still removable, through.

Spell Card Boss

Th09mystia boss No. Boss: 鳥符「ミステリアスソング」

Bird Sign "Mysterious Song"

Owner: Mystia Lorelei
— —
Comment: Boss summon.

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