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Th09marisa spellattack

Spell Card Charge

Th09marisa charge No. Charge: 「イリュージョンレーザー」

"Illusion Laser"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
— —
Comment: Marisa fires a thin laser forward. Has a short period of effect, but the laser pierces anything and everything, and will do continual damage to any target in its path. Marisa may move during the laser, allowing you to relocate the laser itself.

Spell Card EX

Th09marisa ex No. EX: 「アースライトレイ」

"Earthlight Ray"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
— —
Comment: A laser is fired from the bottom of the screen. Preceding the laser, however, will be a glow at the bottom of the screen, as well as a "ghost" image of the laser just before it fires. All EX lasers will be completely vertical (parallel to the sides) - the boss Marisa uses angled lasers a la Shoot the Moon.

Spell Card Lv2

Th09marisa lvl2 No. Lv2: 魔符「スターダスト」

Magic Sign "Stardust"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
— —
Comment: A series of angled streams of bullets enters the screen from one side. All lines of bullets are angled similarly, and parallel to each other. It will always alternate between a row of stars and a row of dot bullets.

As the Spell Card level increases, the number of rows increases, effectively decreasing the amount of space free between each row.

Spell Card Lv3

Th09marisa lvl3 No. Lv3: 魔符「スターダストレヴァリエ」

Magic Sign "Stardust Reverie"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
— —
Comment: Here, the same stream of angled bullets enters from both sides of the screen. As is common for all level 3 cards, there are no dot bullets which can be removed through chains of explosions. These streams will intersect throughout the screen. But the easiest way to avoid this spell card, is go up right along the sides of the screen. Works in Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.

Similarly, as Spell Card level increases, the number of streams increases.

Spell Card Boss

Th09marisa boss No. Boss: 魔符「イリュージョンスター」

Magic Sign "Illusion Star"

Owner: Marisa Kirisame
— —
Comment: Boss attack.

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