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Th09cirno spellattack

Spell Card Charge

Th09cirno charge No. Charge: 「アイシクルアタック」

"Icicle Attack"

Owner: Cirno
— —
Comment: A circular formation of icicles appears around her, and expands outward. Each icicle is an individual projectile.

Spell Card EX

Th09cirno ex No. EX: 「アイシクルフォール」

"Icicle Fall"

Owner: Cirno
— —
Comment: An icicle appears at the top of the field, placing itself roughly (some horizontal variation) over (meaning, directly up) of the enemy's position at time of generation (when the EX "moves" over to the enemy's side). It then gradually accelerates straight down and off the screen.

Note that Cirno appears to have an easier time generating EX attacks than most other characters (probably compensation?).

Spell Card Lv2

Th09cirno lvl2 No. Lv2: 凍符「パーフェクトフリーズ」

Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"

Owner: Cirno
— —
Comment: A circle, composed of alternating dot bullets and blue "ice" bullets, appears and begins expanding outwards. The circle itself starts in the upper third of the screen.

After expanding for a bit, all on-screen bullets will freeze, be randomly redirected, and advance slowly in their new direction.

When the freeze happens, both players' fields will have all dot bullets and most other "regular" bullets stopped and tinted grey. Note this does not apply to spirits, or to some EX attacks (eg. Cirno's own icicles do not freeze, but Shikieiki's vortex-generated bullets will stop and redirect). This freeze also happens instantaneously, and any bullets generated after the freeze proceed normally.

At higher levels, the circle expands faster and farther before the freeze occurs. At sufficiently high levels (possibly 13+?), this Spell Card creates two concentric circles, though there is only one freeze point (timed off the first circle).

Spell Card Lv3

Th09cirno lvl3 No. Lv3: 凍符「パーフェクトフリーズ」

Freeze Sign "Perfect Freeze"

Owner: Cirno
— —
Comment: Similar to level two, except there are no dot bullets. All previous comments on level 2 apply.

Spell Card Boss

Th09cirno boss No. Boss: 凍符「コールドディヴィニティー」

Freeze Sign "Cold Divinity"

Owner: Cirno
— —
Comment: Boss attack.

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