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PMiSS sunny

悪戯好きな日の光 Mischievous Sunlight
サニーミルク Sunnymilk [sic]

能力: 光を屈折させる程度の能力

Ability: Ability to refract light

危険度: 低

Threat level: Low

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Ordinary

主な活動場所: 魔法の森近辺

Main place of activity: Around the Forest of Magic


There are times when you get lost even in not particularly long roads.


And in some really bad cases, you wander back to where you came from.


When this happens, eight or nine times out of ten, you would be right to think that it is the work of a fairy. (*1)


Sunny Milk, in particular, is a fairy whose specialty is making people get lost.


Since refracting light means changing the way a scenery looks from what it really is, it can fool humans.


Also, as she can hide herself behind this diffraction, it can be hard to catch sight of her.


Her stature is quite short, and she possesses thin, insect-like wings.


She's the type of fairy that, when she play pranks to the full and a human notices them, runs away at full speed.


Fairies like this won't approach very cautious humans.


If you don't want to get involved with them, you must behave as if always thinking of the possibility that a fairy is lurking around.


Also, she rarely acts alone. She usually acts with other two. (*2)


It's said that she lives inside a huge tree in the forest of magic, but the precise location is unknown.


As usual for a fairy's dwelling, it can't be found by a human.

目撃報告例 Eyewitness Reports


"I saw her basking in the sun at the top of my roof. When I poked her, she ran away in confusion." (Yumeta)


"She was sleeping at the side of the road. She looked like she was hurt, but when I poked her, she ran away in confusion." (Anonymous)


She has been seen basking in the sun a great number of times.


And, as at many of these times she looked injured, it can be thought that, for a fairy of sunlight, exposure to the sun is the equivalent of a medical treatment for injuries.


"I was walking, when suddenly the ground disappeared, and I fell off a cliff. I thought I was going to die." (Bamboo-shoot-hunter)


Occasionally, the pranks get dangerous. Be careful.


"I saw the rain falling distorted in front of me." (Anonymous)


On the other hand, it's easy to spot the light diffraction when it's raining.


You won't get lost as much as on a sunny day.

対策 Countermeasures


By any means, you have to be careful when you walk.


It would be dangerous if the road in front of you suddenly turned into a river.


Fairies will avoid attentive humans, and dogs with acute senses.


If you are in a hurry, you can even bring a dog along, anyway.


Even if you confront her, it won't be dangerous, as she will immediately run away. However, even if you want to punish her, it's almost impossible to catch her.


If you fall victim of a prank, you can only curse your carelessness.(*3)


She's mightily curious (*4), so an experienced person could successfully set a trap for her.


She's also apparently very fond of tasty foods, and she frequently tries to slip into feasts hidden in optical illusions.


If you happen to spot her when she's distracted by the food, you have a chance to vent your anger on her.


1: You can avoid being humiliated if you blame fairies.


2: The others are Luna Child and Star Sapphire.


3: It would be best to ignore it, because we would feel awful to think that fairies are laughing somewhere.


4: A general feature of fairies.

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