PMiSS star


Pouring Starlight


Starsapphire [sic]

能力: 動く物の気配を探る程度の能力

Ability: Ability to detect movement

危険度: 極低

Threat level: Extremely low

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Average

主な活動場所: 魔法の森の近辺

Main place of activity: Around the Forest of Magic


When you look at the stars covering the whole of the sky, doesn't it sometimes happen that you feel frightened as if they look like the eyes of animals or ghosts surrounding you?


And there is a fairy with eyes that can observe so extensively as the light that falls down from the stars.


That is the starlight fairy, Star Sapphire.


She rarely attacks or brings trouble to humans, but she is mostly troublesome by helping with other fairies' (*1) pranks.


Her stature is quite short, and she possesses big, butterfly-like wings.


Since this fairy is very attentive to movements, you will soon be found if you try to get close.


Capturing her is extremely difficult, and she is rarely sighted alone.


Normally, she is seen when with Sunny Milk and Luna Child.


Eyewitness Reports

・鳥避けの網に大きな蝶が引っ掛かっていた (野菜一筋)

"I caught this huge butterfly in the net against birds." (Vegetable farmer)


She probably can't notice things that don't move.


Since she has butterfly wings, you could imagine her looking as if caught on a spider's web.

・氷の妖精と光の三妖精たちが喧嘩(*2)をしているを見た。青いのは下がって笑って見ているだけだった (匿名)

"I saw the ice fairy and the light fairies having a fight.(*2) The blue one was just looking and laughing from behind." (Anonymous)


Fairies are very self-centered, so they easily come into conflict with each other.


In this case, as the ice fairy is used to fighting, she would likely win even 1 against 3.


On top of that, Star Sapphire always keeps cool and avoids fighting to the point you can't know what side she is on.




Even though the direct damage she brings is small, she basically acts with other two, so the same counter-measure mentioned for Sunny Milk can be employed.


However, when she is on observation duty for the other fairies, she can be a threat.


Because even if you try, you can't elude her ability.


Out of the counter-measures, the most reliable one is to use a separate animal.


Star Sapphire's ability can't distinguish between a human and a similarly-sized animal.


So, if you slip into a herd of animals and move along with them, she might not even notice you.


In fact, this can be also an interesting game to play.


If you use an animal as bait, you can lure out Star Sapphire and the others, and catch them as they come out.


In other words, fairy-fishing can be done.(*3)

*1 日の光と月の光。三匹寄れば困った光の妖精。

1: The sunlight and the moonlight ones. The three troublesome Fairies of Light.

*2 妖精は一つの事を始めると、他の事が考えられなくなる。喧嘩を始めると、周りには全く意識が行かない。だから、喧嘩をしているの見かけたら、どっちが勝つか賭けたりして見物するのが良いだろう。

2: When fairies start something, they can't think of any other. If they start to fight, they won't pay any attention to their surroundings. So, if you find them in the middle of a fight, you can perfectly well bet on who is going to win, or just keep watching.

*3 キャッチアンドリリースがマナー。

3: To catch and release would be good manners.

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