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PMiSS sakuya


Scarlet Devil Mansion Maid

十六夜 咲夜

Sakuya Izayoi

職業:  メイド

Occupation: Maid

能力: 時間を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulation of time

住んでいる所:  紅魔館

Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion


The live-in working maid of Scarlet Devil Mansion.


The only human who lives in the house where evil demons dwell, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and leader of the maids.


A mysterious girl who works in a place that normal humans don't dare approach.


Nobody had ever seen her before she started working in the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


Furthermore, she is constantly a youkai supporter, and is cold-hearted towards human villagers visiting the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


This suggests that she might not be a human from Gensokyo, but rather one from the outside world or a totally different world.


Sakuya has no close friends from the village. The girl is shrouded in mystery indeed.


She does come to the village to shop though, carrying a refined atmosphere around herself. There, she is never seen showing hostility towards other humans (*1).




She has the ability to manipulate time.


It is a top-class ability for a human to possess, and is not something that can be learned through training.


To manipulate time is an ability to stop the flow of time and let only oneself move, to slow time and let oneself superfast, or speed the flow of time and change apple juice to apple cider.


However, it is generally rather difficult to revert things that have already happened.


Things that have been, for example, destroyed, burnt down, or eaten can not be turned back even if time is reversed.


Reversing time only has an effect to the extent that things that have been moved return to their original position.


Effectively, you can say there is no reversing time.


In addition, her ability can be used to manipulate space, as well.


Slowing down time also means to contract space, and speeding up means to expand it.


She uses that extreme ability well to effectively do tasks such as cleaning, laundry and cooking.


Besides that ability, she is skilled in knife throwing and conjuration.


It's said she can pierce an apple on the head of a fairy maid 20 ken far above her in the sky.


With her tricks, she makes things pop up in her hand which should have held nothing (*2).


The Maids of the Scarlet Devil Mansion


The Scarlet Devil Mansion's policy regarding maids is quantity over quality, and large numbers of fairy maids are used to somehow keep it in one piece.


She is the only human maid among them, and as the head maid she gives orders to the fairy maids.


The fairy maids are mostly useless.


Cleaning their own uniforms and making their own food is about the best they can do (*3).


About the only thing worth saying about these maids is that they basically have no pay or vacation, but they receive food and tea, and can generally consider themselves free beings.


They are also free to leave and regain their posts, as well.


The fairy maids' lives are quite comfortable, and if they can come to enjoy their masters' occasional impossible requests, almost none choose to run away.


In contrast, the chief maid's job is tough.


As her duties include cleaning the labyrinthine Scarlet Devil Mansion, taking care of its selfish master, keeping track of the useless maids, going out to buy supplies in the human village, and making pointlessly gorgeous meals, she has no time to rest.


It would be impossible to do all this work alone without being able to stop time.


Her True Face


Since the maids at the Scarlet Devil Mansion receive no break time, they have no private life; thus, her character is not well known.


It is unknown why she works in the Scarlet Devil Mansion where demons dwell, and why the vampires trust her.


It is fairly obvious that she is not being forced to work by the vampires.


She even seems to possess a certain degree of power in the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and can sometimes give orders to the vampires.


It's still unknown whether the vampires sought out the services of her inhumanly extraordinary powers, or whether she herself asked for the position of head maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion.


In addition, it is said that the name she bears now was given to her by the vampires, and is not her true name.


According to one theory, she was a vampire hunter from the outside world or another world (*4), and followed the vampires into the Scarlet Devil Mansion to try to slay them, but was defeated instead.


The reasoning behind this theory is that the silver knives she uses are for defeating vampires, and also because of the abilities the vampires possess.


She was training to slay vampires in a remote location.


She normally would have taken down small demons for training, and had never tried her hands on a vampire.


However, she had great confidence in her powers, and thought she would be able to defeat a vampire in decline of power easily herself, and, setting out on a journey to slay vampires.


Then for searching her, she reached the Scarlet Devil Mansion, but the vampire there who looked so young was surprisingly strong, and she was easily defeated instead.


The vampire, taking pity on her for her level of ability, spared her, and gave her a new name, which also gave her a completely opposite fate (*5).


She became the vampires' servant at once, and since she had strong abilities, she was able to reach the position of chief maid and become useful to the vampires.


Later, the Scarlet Devil Mansion relocated to within Gensokyo, but the strange environment made her uncomfortable (*6), so at first she resisted against the vampires and the humans of Gensokyo.


However, upon seeing the vampire who she could not defeat easily beaten by a human in Gensokyo, and that afterwards the vampire and human got along well as if nothing had ever happened, she slowly began to open herself towards those around her.


Nowadays, it seems that something has broken through her facade, and while she still allies herself with the vampires, she can deal with humans in a positive manner as well.


However, it's possible that the vampire who manipulates fate planned for it all to be this way from the beginning.


What do you think of that theory?


Also there are many theories such as ones suggesting she is actually a Homunculus, a zombie or simply just an eccentric, but the most widely believed theory is the vampire hunter theory detailed above.


She claims to be in her late teens, but this is unlikely judging by her refined manner and the level of her abilities. Rather, she seems to be a human who has been living for hundreds of years (*7).

*1: 尤も、紅魔館に居る時は明らかに敵視している風に見えるが、それは館の警備も兼ねているからであろう。

1: Though she tends to act outright hostile while at the Scarlet Devil Mansion, this is likely because she is acting in her capacity as security for the manor.

*2: 時間が止められるんだから、という野暮な突っ込みは無しで。

2: Please refrain from making comments like, "That's because she can stop time."

*3: 居ても居なくても変わらない。実情は、殆どの仕事をメイド長がこなしている。

3: Their existence doesn't really matter. The situation is that the chief maid does most of the jobs.

*4: 冥界や彼岸や月の都など。

4: For example, the underworld, Higan, or the moon capital.

*5: 姓名判断。

5: From name analysis fortune telling.

*6: 既に吸血鬼に対して奇妙な契約が交わされていた。詳しくは吸血鬼の欄を見よ。

6: She already had made a strange contract with the vampires. Please see the section on vampires for more information.

*7: 時間も弄れるしね。

7: Since she is also able to manipulate time.

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