PMiSS rumia


Youkai of Twilight



能力: 闇を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulation of darkness

危険度: 中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度: 低

Human friendship level: Low

主な活動場所: 不明

Main place of activity: Unknown


Rumia falls into the weaker category of youkai, but she possesses an ability that makes her surroundings dark whether it is night or day.


The darkness this youkai emits is a magical darkness that renders even torchlights useless, and humans that wander into this darkness have almost no field of vision.


It is simple to drag people into the darkness and attack them, but she does not move in a group with other youkai, which is a relief.


Her appearance is that of a young girl; she has red eyes and wears a red ribbon on her blond hair. It is said that she wears dark clothes to meld with the darkness, but since it is always dark around her this is difficult to confirm.


Perhaps because she is known as a monster of darkness and is normally feared, people who have directly seen her form discover a too young girl and are overcome with relief.


It is possible that she covers herself in darkness to hide her appearance.


It is said that her ability to manipulate darkness is only a supporting ability, and that she uses pure power to attack humans.


Since she looks like what she looks like you cannot tell if she is really strong or not, but a fight isn't possible in the darkness.


Not being able to see an escape route is frightening.


Eyewitness Reports

・何か、大きな黒い塊が森の方に向かって動いてた。恐ろしかった (彦左衛門)

"I saw a large clump of darkness heading towards the forest. It was scary." (Hikozaemon)


The large mass of darkness is believed to be this youkai.


You must not approach it.

・それで、大きな黒い塊が木にぶつかって暫く停止したかと思うと、こっちに向かってきたので逃げた (彦左衛門)

"Then the large clump of darkness bumped into a tree and looked like it stopped moving for a bit, but it came towards me so I ran away." (Hikozaemon)


She most likely bumped into a tree.


Perhaps she cannot see outside the darkness as well (*1).

・逃げ遅れて、暗闇に突っ込んでしまったが、これといって妖怪とも遭遇せずに、闇が通り抜けていった (匿名)

"I was too slow in running and got caught in the darkness, but I didn't encounter the youkai and slipped right through." (Anonymous)


Even if a human runs into the darkness, the youkai inside might not notice.


If that is the case, she most likely cannot see in the darkness she produces (*2).




Since a human's power can't compare to a youkai's in the first place, it would be impossible to put up a fight within darkness that renders even torchlights useless.


The best way to deal with this would be to not enter the darkness unless you are very confident in your abilities.


You should also avoid visiting places where the moonlight doesn't shine at night.


Rumia may be lurking there.


Rarely, there are cases of people who have run into Rumia while she was not emitting darkness.


This was on the night of the new moon.


On such a day Rumia cannot occasionally use her powers somehow, and witness reports flood in.


There aren't many who have exchanged words with her, but they are supposed to have hardly a successful conversation.


It's probably dangerous to attempt speaking with her (*3).

*1 と想像すると、黒い塊が途端に面白くなる。

1: Imagining that, the clump of darkness suddenly becomes amusing.

*2 もしかしたら、相当間抜けなのでは無いか。

2: Perhaps she is really stupid.

*3 幼く見えても、人喰いである。

3: Even though she looks young, she eats humans.

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