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PMiSS mystia


Night Sparrow Youkai


Mystia Lorelei

能力: 歌で人を惑わす程度の能力

Ability: Can drive humans mad with her song

危険度: 中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度: 悪

Human friendship level: Poor

主な活動場所: 夜道

Main place of activity: Night Road


There are relatively many youkai who use songs or cries to make humans lose their way at a dark night road or an empty forest.


Mystia Lorelei is one of them.


Without a source in sight, a singing voice from nowhere in particular can be heard, and while one is taken by that voice they lose their way and are attacked by youkai.


She is not often seen at noon and there are few witness reports, but it is said that she is a humanoid youkai with large wings (*1).


Mystia's songs are unexpectedly vibrant, and have an energy that would not normally be expected from youkai.


Because of this, she is popular amongst the young people (*2).


On the other hand, amongst the elder song youkai, they say, "The young youkai lately are just loud and sing senseless songs, it's such an annoyance, it's nothing but noise."


She also possesses an ability to make humans night-blind as well as luring them with song.


If one continues to follow the faint light and song on a night road, they will most likely be attacked by this youkai.


Eyewitness Reports

・てっきりプリズムリバー楽団がヴォーカルでも雇ったのか、と思って近づいたらえらい目にあった (匿名)

"I thought that the Prismriver Ensemble hired some vocals, but when I went closer nothing good came of it." (Anonymous)


Unlike the Prismrivers, her friendliness towards humans is considerably bad.


Even if you hear a singing voice, you should not approach out of curiosity.

・獣道に赤提灯の屋台が一軒だけあったから、何かと思ったら夜雀の屋台だった (ウワバミ六介)

"While walking along an animal trail, I saw a single red lantern food cart. Wondering what it was I went closer, turns out it was the night sparrow's cart." (Boozer Rokusuke)


There are rumours that she has started a food cart.


Perhaps youkai also become bored.

・あれは絶対に夜雀ではない! (匿名)

"That's definitely not a night sparrow!" (Anonymous)


I think so too.




The only time anyone is affected by this song is when they are walking alone.


If walking in pairs, the person who becomes confused by the song can be brought back to reality by the other person who is yet to be affected, so attacks are very rare.


The countermeasure would be to not walk alone at night.


This is not just limited to this youkai, but is the most basic form of protection against other youkai.


Then, how does one deal with becoming night-blind?


Eating lamprey is good for that.


If you eat some every day, your eyes will gradually improve.


What must one do to exterminate this youkai?


Since there is little chance of winning at night, you must resort to doing it during the day, but since she hides during the day that is not a simple thing to accomplish.


The most effective extermination method is to set up a trap (*3) in the evening, and if you find that she is caught in the trap by morning, extermination follows from there.


If you do not regularly exterminate this kind of youkai, they will eventually appear at human villages, so make sure to exterminate them once in a while.

*1 最初にこの姿を見ていたら、夜雀とは呼ばれなかっただろう。

1: If this form were the first to be seen, she might have not been called a night sparrow.

*2 人気があってはいけないが。

2: It is not good if she is popular, though.

*3 トリモチで良いだろう。

3: Birdlime is effective.

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