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PMiSS lily


Fairy Conveying Spring


Lilywhite [sic]

能力: 春が来た事を伝える程度の能力

Ability: Ability to announce that spring has come

危険度: 極低

Threat level: Friendly

人間友好度: 高

Human friendship level: High

主な活動場所: 不定

Main place of activity: Varies


When it is spring, the humans, ghosts and everything that suddenly become active are not few in number.


The fairy who symbolizes this, is the fairy who carries the spring, Lily White.


Lily White notices the trivial changes that normal humans don't notice, and tells the creatures(*1) that have been in deep hibernation during the winter that the season of awakening has come.


After this fairy has passed, spring may be wrapped cheerfully.


Her height is quite low, and she has a lot of feathers (*2).


She is not militant, even if you come across her, her threat level is low.


Simply disturbing the one who is conveying spring is better avoided.


This is when the fairy has the most power.


Like other fairies, where she lives is unknown.


Chances of seeing her during the other seasons aside from spring are low.


Because of that, Lily has become the word of the season of spring.


Eyewitness Reports

・雪落ちて まだかまだかと 白の山 春告精の 跡探す道 (春の人)

The snow falls
Is she here yet?
The white mountain
Searching for signs of
The Fairy Herald of Spring
(Spring Person)


The Fairy Herald of Spring referred to in this poem is Lily White.

・いつも西からやってきて山(*3)に去って行くが、戻って来たのを見たためしがない。一体何処に住所があるのだろうか (多数報告あり)

She always appears from the west and disappears toward the mountain(*3), but there is no instance in which she has been seen going back the other way. Where in the world does she live? (Reported by many sources)


Perhaps the reason that she's never seen returning from the mountain is that, each year, she's eaten by the mountain youkai and stops announcing spring.

・子供が捕まえた。すぐに逃がせと言ってすぐに逃がした為か、幸い被害はなかった (匿名の親)

My child caught her. Perhaps because she immediately said "Let me go!" and my child promptly let her go, there fortunately wasn't any damage. (Anonymous Parent)


This fairy isn't the sort that would usually injure humans, but it's generally safer not to get involved with non-humans.




If you don't do anything to her, there's no real danger.


In fact, catching sight of her is a good omen.


She simply wants to celebrate the fact that spring has come.


If she happens to attack, it's possible that she's just excited, so the best course of action is to leave the area.


This fairy won't be able to leave a place where it's clearly becoming spring.


If you get away from her, there's no need to worry that she might chase after you.


In fact, it could be interesting to set out bait in order to win her over.


If you prepare some flower seeds, she'll have fun making the nearby flowers bloom.


Because of this, she's a fairy who's very popular with florists.

*1 幽霊や亡霊も含む。

1: Including phantoms and ghosts.

*2 透けて見える薄い鳥の羽根の様な物を大量に付けているだけで、実際は大きな二つの羽根である。

2: These are only the thin see-through things like bird's feathers in large numbers, in fact, they are two huge feathers.

*3 妖怪の山、後述。

3: Youkai Mountain. Mentioned below.

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