PMiSS kaguya


Eternal Princess

蓬莱山 輝夜

Kaguya Houraisan

職業: 不明

Occupation: Unknown

能力: 永遠と須臾を操る程度の能力

Ability: Power of manipulating the eternal and instantaneous

住んでいる所:  永遠亭

Residence: Eientei


The princess of Eientei.


Even her current activities are unknown.


Eientei is a mysterious place which keeps lots of rabbits, even youkai rabbits, but it seems that she is its mistress.


Lately Ms. Yagokoro has started selling medicine there, but until then nobody even knew the place existed.


The mysteries surrounding Eientei only continue to intensify: what have they been doing until now? What is the significance of this mysterious woman's organization? etc.


However, as the mansion has recently begun to host events and is slowly presenting a public face to the populace, the opportunities to meet the proprietor of Eientei are increasing.


The princess of Eientei is surprisingly refined in the art of conversation(*1), and will engage listeners in a variety of old tales.


Perhaps the blind biwa playing monks of old were related to her somehow.




She possesses the ability to manipulate the eternal and the instantaneous.


As eternity refers to a world with no history, it is also a world where change is eternally unknown.


No matter how much you may try to bring about change in such a world, it is futile in a world where time has essentially stopped.


One can think of it thus: even the fact that Eientei suddenly appeared in human history and began to experience the passage of time was because she reversed the effects of her eternity magic.


Under the effects of that magic, Eientei would probably have never appeared in the human world, but would have always remained hidden in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost(*2).


However, a perpetual world denies any sort of change.


She may have lived for a very long time without having changed at all.


Her other ability regarding the ephemeral is complementary to her manipulation of eternity, and allows control over extremely short time durations.


It allows her to act in periods of time so short as to be imperceptible to human beings.


Since these periods are just aggregates of moments in time, they pass normally, but they are far too small to be perceived by normal people.


It's said she can manipulate parallel timelines by using these moments.


As both of these abilities allow the manipulation of time, they far surpass what normal humans are capable of.


The Lunar Capital Exposition: "Mysteries of the Lunar Capital Unfold"


The exposition was an event where Eientei opened itself to the public to display various and sundry Lunar goods and informational exhibits, giving the public a chance to find out about the manor and the moon.


Relations between Gensokyo and the Moon ceased long ago.


The exposition was a great success among both humans seeing the subjects of the exhibit for the first time and among youkai who came to reminisce about the past.


Many people are hesitant to speak openly of the cities of the moon, and it was a long time since so much discussion had occurred.


The sudden opening of the exhibition sent a shock through Gensokyo, and there were few whose interest it didn't capture.


The displays at the exhibition could be generally divided into three categories.


The first is the classic category of amazing items, such as carriages that fly through the sky, garments that make the body light enough to float through the air, rabbits' millstones, etc.


These exhibits make it possible to imagine the capital of the moon, inhabited by nobles.


The next group of exhibits provided a stark contrast to the classics category: a vulcan cannon light enough to wield with one hand, an ultra-small Planck bomb, a roving tank designed for lunar exploration, and other military and ultra-modern tools.


This gave viewers a glimpse at the incredibly advanced technology of the lunar capital.


The final group was the academic category, which consisted of exhibits of materials; the books of lunar history, divine medicine, mathematical philosophy, mad grimoire, etc.


Even though the books were written in paper, high technology was applied to them: the pictures moved, solid forms would pop out of the pages, and unfamiliar words in the text would be explained in incredible detail if you simply touched them.


Unfortunately, they were all written in the Lunarian language, and so, alas, completely incomprehensible.


As the exhibition was extremely popular, the proprietors announced their intention to hold it yearly.


It appears that they're preparing some sort of stage in order to hold a performance next time.

*1: ただ、話し方が古くさい。

1: Though her manner of speech is quite old.

*2: 永遠亭という名前もそれを物語っている。

2: Even the name "House of Eternity" implies this.

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