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Windcausing Mountain God



主な危険度:  極高

Usual threat level: Extremely High

遭遇頻度:   中

Frequency of encounters: Medium

多様性:    普通

Diversity: Normal

主な遭遇場所: 妖怪の山

Main place of encounters: Mountain of Youkai

主な遭遇時間: いつでも

Main time of encounters: Anytime




Deified youkai who live on the mountain.


With these extremely friendly youkai who, predating even Gensokyo, have existed since ancient times, a peculiar society is constructed, where a reclusive lifestyle is led.


There are various types of tengu, including: the tengu boss, Tenma; the management types, Daitengu; the nimble information corps, Crow Tengu; the ones who specialize in office work, Hanataka Tengu; the mountain's defense force, White Wolf Tengu; and the printers, Yamabushi Tengu.


In general, they look the same as humans, but there are extremely large Tengu such as the Daitengu, and extremely proud ones such as the Hanataka Tengu. [Note: The expression here for being proud and the name Hanataka both mean "having a high nose/nose in the air" or "being proud".]


As can be seen from their advanced civilization, Tengu are far more intelligent than humans, and are very social.


On an individual basis, they have very strong physical and sorcerous abilities that compare favorably to any youkai in Gensokyo.


In particular, they can fly extremely fast, and there are few, if any, who can match their speed (*1).


One characteristic of Tengu is that they're pretty much all cheerful heavy drinkers.


When they drink sake, they don't hold back in terms of quantity; it's said that as a greeting, they'll drink 18 liters of sake in one gulp.


They also have a strong sense of community, and if one of their friends is attacked, they'll certainly react with hostility.


If an intruder appears on the mountain, they'll quickly all show up together to remove that person, which is a characteristic not seen in other youkai.


Usually, if there's an incident, they'll show up with their amazing speed, take a photograph and turn it into an article, then print and publish it.


Potential Harm


Sudden gusts, Spreading of Rumors, Paparazzi Photography etc.


The wind that occurs in the wake of a Tengu is strong enough that it might send a child flying.


It doesn't happen often, but it's said that if you anger a Tengu, you'll be annihilated by a tornado.


What's even more frightening is that they'll spread half-truths and weird rumors.


There are cases where the rumors being spread by Tengu will literally become the wind, and will thus be conveyed to human ears.


Thereby, it becomes difficult to properly notify villages.


Because this is something against which there can be utterly no defense, there is nothing more dreadful than this.




First, you mustn't go to the mountain unprepared.


Tengu really hate it when someone trespasses on their territory.


There's honestly no way to defend against the rumors on the wind, so even if they circulate strange rumors, all you can do is live your life assuming that other people will think "That's just a rumor."


Even if the rumors are complete lies, strangers will think "if it's 'that person' then maybe...", and things will slowly change from a normal everyday life towards a place of guilt.


Also, the paparazzi photography is terrible, but to a degree, you just have to accept your losses (*2).

*1 吸血鬼くらいか。

1: Probably only a vampire could.

*2 正直、今のところ天狗に敵う手段が無い。

2: To be honest, at the moment there is no way to compete with Tengu.

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