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The Strongest Kidnappers


主な危険度:  極高

Usual threat level: Extremely High

遭遇頻度:   極低

Frequency of encounters: Extremely Low

多様性:    普通

Diversity: Normal

主な遭遇場所: 不明

Main place of encounters: Unknown

主な遭遇時間: 不明

Main time of encounters: Unknown




They are the strongest enemies of humans in Gensokyo.


Their livelihood is to kidnap humans, their superhuman strength surpasses the strength of all other youkai, and in Gensokyo they possess the strongest physical capabilities.


In antiquity, they lived on Youkai Mountain and, employing the Tengu as servants, built up an oni society.


From then on and at regular fixed intervals, they would kidnap humans, and thus threaten the existence of villages.


However, since several hundred years ago, the number of oni has decreased little by little, and from the time a large magical barrier was built, it's no longer the case that they'll show themselves at all, anywhere in Gensokyo.


Unlike humans who might resort to self-extermination, but because they were not too pleased with the way in which the societies of Gensokyo had become so carefree, they simply went to a different world that nobody knew of. Since then, contact of any kind with the Oni has ceased.


Oni can have a wide variety of physiques, from huge builds all the way down to short and petite.


But all of them have horns, and furthermore some have fangs.


A few have longer arms than humans or tougher attitudes.


Their personalities can range from cheerful to ferocious, they can randomly become belligerent with those they don't care for; however, if even for a single moment one gains recognition as a friend, then their feelings will become intensely warm and affectionate, and the idea of betraying or double-crossing you would become inconceivable.


What they most strongly hate are gossiping, cowardice, malice, or unfairness.


Always honoring their promises, they can think of no other way to behave than to be fair and square.


There are no youkai who are more honest than the oni.


Also, their emotional and mental discipline is considerably strong, and very few oni are not well-versed in the principles of Zen.


Also, because there are no other lovers of alcohol quite like them, and with their extremely powerful abilities in this regard, if even once you drink and get smashed with them and then lie down to sleep, no matter what happens, you won't able to wake up.


Potential Harm




Since times fairly long ago, humans have suffered torment and damage from the oni.


Occasionally descending from the mountain, kidnapping humans and making off with sake, they thus threatened one's day-to-day life.


And because the humans couldn't stay silent and do nothing, an oni extermination specialist was trained or summoned at fixed intervals to go exterminate the oni.


At that time, the oni were overcome, and from the oni society marvelous tools and implements were taken.


Oni and humans, through human kidnappings and oni exterminations, might have possibly built up a relationship of mutual trust.




Because the oni have disappeared from Gensokyo, at the present time, there are no oni extermination specialists.


Because oni are different from regular youkai, the means of extermination and the tools necessary are particular and specialized; furthermore if these specialized means are not used then it would be hopeless.


The black magics to exterminate oni have already been lost by humans, thus it would appear that meeting an oni nowadays would be too much for anyone to deal with.


In reality, the way in which things like the Tsuina ceremonies or other oni-repelling rituals are conducted are already inaccurate.


But then, the chances of meeting an oni are already mostly non-existent so it should be ok but...

*1 現在の天狗の社会は、元は鬼達が築いた社会の名残とも言われる。

1: It is said that the present society of tengu is built upon the vestiges of the original oni society.

*2 幻想郷では、行き先を鬼の国と呼んでいる。地獄かも知れないが。

2: In Gensokyo, we call where they went the Land of the Oni. Possibly Hell, or somewhere.

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