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Hourai Pharmacist

八意 永琳

Eirin Yagokoro

職業: 薬師

Occupation: Pharmacist

能力: あらゆる薬を作る程度の能力

Ability: Creation of any kind of medicine

住んでいる所:  永遠亭

Residence: Eientei


She's a master pharmacist that prepares medicine at the Eientei, and distributes it (*1) to both human and youkai.


She has only recently opened her business.


Her medicines are divided into consigned and sold ones. In the consigned medicine system, medicine boxes are distributed for each household, and at each season change someone comes calling to check the usage. Only the price of the used up medicine is then charged.


Those are medicines to heal light injuries, colds, etc.


The sold medicines are purchased directly at Eientei. They are ones such as short-lasting medicines, medicines for serious illnesses and medicines for special uses.


Her medicines have a fame of working efficiently and without side-effects.


However, one warning must be placed. Medicines for youkai use and for human use are very different.


Medicine for youkai are too strong for humans and they will suffer from the side-effects.


On the other hand, medicines for humans are poisonous to youkai.


Also, if you go to Eientei, she can examine you just as a doctor would.


It's said that she can provide medicine even for obscure diseases. (*2)




She is not overly concerned with payment for the medicines.


Her medicines are not only very effective, but carry a fair price. And even if you can't pay immediately, she will wait however long it takes for the payment.


Even if you show up for an examination at a bad time, she will kindly examine you.


And this is for both human and youkai.


The fact that she has appeared all of a sudden and started treating people's illnesses, and yet doesn't seem to be motivated by money, gives an impression that there's something else to it.


She seems like a kind human on a first impression, but since the reasons for her kindness are unknown, she sometimes makes people uneasy.


She always follows this ideal pattern.


But nothing is for free.


Her Mysteries


There are a lot of mysteries around Eientei, but she is the one most surrounded by them.


Where did she gain her knowledge about medicine? Why can she make medicine for youkai as well? What was she doing before opening her pharmacy business? A lot about her is unknown.


Her age is also unknown. Although she looks young at a first glance, her manner of speaking and behavior are characteristic of someone who has lived a long time, which only makes the question harder to approach.


And especially strange is that, even though she possesses extensive knowledge, she is lacking of more general common sense.


If you ask her about this, she'll answer with an incoherent response like that her skin looks so glossy because she made a rejuvenating medicine (*3) for that, and won't talk any more about it.


Rumor has it that she is a human with a deep connection to the Lunar Capital.
永遠亭では月にちなんだ行事や人物が多いのも、兎が薬を配ってまわるのも、その噂を支持する憑拠の一つだ。 The fact that there are a lot of events and personages associated with the Moon at Eientei, and that rabbits are the ones to go around distributing the medicine seem to give support to this rumor.


It wouldn't be strange if her advanced medicinal practice was the Moon's medicinal science itself.


There's a possibility that, through some way, she has obtained the Lunar skills.

*1 有料。 配ってまわるのは本人ではなく、妖怪兎。

1: For a fee. She doesn't run around making deliveries herself, the youkai rabbits do.

*2 尤も、迷いの竹林に入っても、永遠亭に辿り着けるとは限らない。

2: But then again, even if you go into the Bamboo Forest of the Lost, there is no guarantee that you'll reach Eientei.

*3 コラーゲンたっぷり。

3: With ample collagen.

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