PMiSS eientei



危険度: 高

Danger level: High

遭遇する妖怪: 妖獣他

Encounterable youkai: beast-type


A mysterious manor built deep in the bamboo forest, as if to hide it.


The building is an ancient Japanese manor built in the old traditional style, but it shows no signs of wear.


It is as if it is constantly being upkept, or as if time has stopped (*33).


As it's deep within the bamboo forest, you likely won't be able to find it if you want to visit.


Only recently have there been people willing to show someone the way to the manor.


Before then, nobody knew that there was a mansion in the middle of the forest.


As a result, the mansion is shrouded in mystery.


There is very little publicly-known information about the place; even basic things like when it was built and what its inhabitants do are unknown.


In particular, the inhabitants seem to have no relation with the surrounding countryside, save the youkai rabbits which live around the manor.


However, with recent events such as the "Moon Capital Nature Expansion" exhibition(*34) being held, it seems this manor may be becoming more open little by little.

*33 永遠と言うからには、後者の方が筋が通る。

33: Since it's called the House of Eternity, perhaps the latter makes more sense.

*34 ただ、永遠亭に辿り着いた者は少ない。

34: Though, few made it to Eientei.

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