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The Highest God of Illusion


主な危険度: 極高

Usual threat level: Extremely Aggressive

遭遇頻度: 極低

Frequency of encounter: Extremely low

多様性: 不明

Variety: Unknown

主な遭遇場所: 不明

Main place of activity: Unknown

主な遭遇時間: 不明

Main time of activity: Unknown




The highest-order god of Gensokyo.


Dragon is worshipped by humans and youkai alike, in fact, by all living creatures.


It is said to live in the ocean, or the heaven, or in the rain (*1), but few have been able to confirm its existence as such.


It's said that a dragon looks like a serpent with hands and horns, that it is thicker than a great tree that's thousands of years old, and so long that it blocks out the sky.


Its cry rends the heavens and causes thunderstorms.


When it stirs about, mountains crumble and earthquakes occur.


Who knows what would happen to Gensokyo if someone were to invoke its wrath.


However, dragon is also the Gensokyo's god of creation.


It is thanks to the dragon that the rain falls, the rivers flow, and that Gensokyo is forever enveloped in a verdant green.


Dragon rarely appears, and is said to show up only in Gensokyo's greatest times of need, blocking out the sky.


When it appears, rainbows and rivers trail after it, which we can see to confirm its existence on usual days.


The Dragon at the Creation of the Great Hakurei Barrier


The last time the dragon appeared in Gensokyo was when the Great Hakurei Barrier was created.


The sky was rent with constant thunder, the land was engulfed in a flood that threatened to submerge it, and for an instant, the skies were completely dark.


The youkai sages staked their existence on pledging eternal peace to the dragon, and in an instant the waters drew back, the sky was torn asunder, and light was returned to the heavens.


Since then, there has been a statue enshrining the dragon at the center of the human village, which is worshiped every day.


The Dragon God's Statue


It's said the dragon god's statue in the human village is an amazing artifact that can tell you what the day's weather will be with the color of its eyes.


When its eyes are white, it will be sunny. When they're blue, it will rain. When they're grey, it will be cloudy. It's very convenient (*2).


But beware when the eyes turn red.


Since this is the color reserved for indeterminate predictions, it appears whenever something truly strange is happening in Gensokyo.


Youkai-related incidents have caused this many times.


Incidentally, this weather forecast is correct 70% of the time.

*1 ちなみに、龍は大結界も関係無く、何処へでも行く事が出来る。外の世界も冥界も天界も地獄も、自由に体を移動させると言う。

1: Incidentally, the dragon can go anywhere, regardless of the great border. It is said that it moves its body freely even to the outside world, the Netherworld, or Hell.

*2 便利じゃないと、人間は誰も崇めに来なくなるだろうと、石像を作った河童がこっそり天気予測機能を付けたそうだ。

2: It should be convenient, or the humans wouldn't come to worship it — it is said that the kappa, the chiseler of the statue, thought so and sneaked a weathercast device into the statue.

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