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PMiSS chen


Black Cat of Bad Omens


能力: 妖術を扱う程度の能力

Ability: Black magical arts

危険度: 中

Threat level: Medium

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Normal

主な活動場所: 獣道、妖怪の山

Main place of activity: Animal Trail, Mountain of Youkai


A ghost cat whose appearance and threat level are the most standard of the youkai beasts.


Even so, Chen is currently a shikigami (*1) in service to Ran Yakumo (see next article).


She is a fairly representative ghost cat with long claws and a long, forked tail(*2).


When possessed by the familiar spirit, she can use various black arts and is extremely dangerous, but has an extreme dislike of water.


If she's doused in water, the familiar spirit leaves, and she becomes a normal phantom cat.


When this happens, she'll become more feral and resort to more physical means such as biting and clawing, but she still hates water.


If you douse her again, her actions will become weaker.


She looks the same as a familiar spirit and as a ghost cat.


She's capable of human speech, and uses various mystic arts when possessed that make her appear quite capable, but in reality she possesses the intellect of a human child about the age she appears.


She spends most of her time on the Youkai Mountain, and occasionally comes down to the human village to attack people.


However, it's said she follows the will of Ran Yakumo and Yukari Yakumo when she's possessed by the familiar.


Eyewitness reports


"A huge cat was sitting inside the kotatsu.It was about as big as a person. No, really!" (Anonymous)


Cats grow fat laying in kotatsu in the winter.


"A bunch of cats were gathered together behind our house. We splashed water at them, and they ran off." (Anonymous)


It looks like the cats assemble regularly when people aren't watching.


It appears that the leader of these assemblies is this cat.


"Sometimes the pillars on our house are all scratched up. I bet it's because of this ghost cat." (Anonymous)


She might be sharpening her claws, but a phantom of her class would probably just use nail clippers or scissors.




Ghost cats are very nimble, and they're also quite strong.


If she faced you seriously in a fight, even running away would be difficult.


However, she has many weaknesses.


For example, she hates water.


She won't go out if it's raining, and if you run out to the middle of a river, she probably wouldn't follow you.


She's also weak against catnip.


If you sprinkle some dried catnip around, she'll quickly lose all interest in fighting.


It's probably best to keep some dried catnip with you if you have to walk down animal trails.


The types of magic she uses focus on using speed and tricky movements to confuse her opponents.


For example, if you think you see her dash off to the left, she'll attack from the right.


This is a technique that relies on speed and precision of movement, so it's very similar to sleight of hand(*3).

*1 式神とは種族ではなく、妖怪の上に被さるソフトの事である。そのソフトで動いている事を、ここでは憑かれていると書く。

1: Shikigami aren't a particular class of youkai, but is more like a status condition. When this condition is in effect, we write that here as being "possessed".

*2 肉球は不明。

2: It's unknown whether she has paws.

*3 一定の速度で左に移動している時に、一瞬高速で右に移動すると人間は見失う。そうすると瞬間移動した様に見える。

3: When she starts moving to the left, and then returns to the right at high speed, she moves so quickly humans lose sight of her, which makes it appear to be instant teleportation.

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