PMiSS aya


Traditional Reporter of Fantasy

射命丸 文

Aya Syameimaru [sic]

能力: 風を操る程度の能力

Ability: Manipulation of Wind

危険度: 高

Threat level: High

人間友好度: 普通

Human friendship level: Normal

主な活動場所: 妖怪の山

Main place of activity: Mountain of Youkai


Aya Shameimaru is a crow tengu who is considered to be quite fast, even among other tengu.


She flies around Gensokyo with her camera in hand, and when she finds an interesting event, she leaves with a few pictures.


Though she is a crow tengu, she looks basically the same as any human.


She is never seen without her fan, her camera, or her bunkacho.


Her fan is a tool that allows her to summon wind; one sweep of the fan can blow over a house, two sweeps can blow over a large tree, and three sweeps can cause a traveler's cloak to fly away.


Her camera is another powerful tengu weapon which can capture a moment in time and display it as a picture(*1).


The pictures she takes are later used for her newspaper articles.


Her bunkacho is a tengu notebook where she writes down material she thinks could make interesting articles.


It is filled with innumerable photographs and handwritten notes(*2).


Her wind manipulation power is a very straightforward ability that allows her to create and suddenly stop winds, as well as creating tornadoes.


Bunbunmaru Newspaper


The newspaper that she writes articles based on the data she gathers is the Bunbunmaru Newspaper(*3).


She normally writes about the unusual events caused by girls of Gensokyo.


Currently, even humans and non-tengu youkai can subscribe to it.


However, its publication dates are irregular, and she may have about five issues in a month during a busy period.


As the volume of articles in one newspaper is small, it's not very useful for gathering information.


This is rather the sort of newspaper that is more suited for a human or youkai that wishes to while away a lazy afternoon perusing its pages while sipping a cup of tea(*4).


Eyewitness reports

・新聞が溜まって困るのよ。ほんと。購読してないのに (博麗霊夢)

"I can't believe how all my copies of her newspaper are piled up. Really. Even though I'm not subscribed." (Reimu Hakurei)


She delivers a mountain of extras.


To tell the truth, I also have a lot of extras piling up.

・生ゴミを捨てると鴉が集まってきて困るのよねぇ (十六夜咲夜)

"It's such a pain how the crows gather around when we throw out our garbage." (Sakuya Izayoi)


Those aren't tengu, but normal crows.




The pen is mightier than the sword.


If they're written up in her newspaper, even the mightiest youkai can't compete with her.


Every inhabitant of Gensokyo dislikes her presence, with that fearsome weapon, the "newspaper", along with her natural strength.


She will come politely asking interviews of humans and youkai alike if she sees them worth writing an article about, but will forcefully drive away any who stand in her path.


She is generally the sort of youkai we do not wish to oppose, but if one somehow manages to cross her, her strength is practically unrivaled.


You likely won't have anything to lose by cooperating with her news-gathering.

*1 シャッタースピードも驚異的な速度である。

1: It also has an amazing shutter speed.

*2 天狗なのに意外と可愛い文字を書くという。

2: It's said her handwriting is unexpectedly cute even though she's a tengu.

*3 天狗の社会では、新聞は一人で作り上げる事が多い。その為記事が偏る。

3: There are many in tengu society who create newspapers on their own. As a result, the newspapers tend to be biased.

*4 カフェーで人気。

4: It is popular in cafes.

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