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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil - おまけ.txt

The Girl of Knowledge and Shadow

Patchouli Knowledge

Ability: the power to control fire, water, wind, earth, metal, sun, and moon

The 4th stage boss. She is the friend of the young mistress and is a witch who has lived for 100 years. The "One-week Girl".

Her weak constitution makes her poor at physical combat, but she makes up for for that with her sheer variety of magical attacks. Patchouli's ribbon is not a holy charm, but rather an accessory that boosts magic power.

Since she's a genuine witch, her magical power is terrifying. However, because of the asthma she was born with, she often cannot recite the spells. She also seems to have a vitamin A deficiency.

Maybe her windowless library room is dusty. No, obviously, it's very dusty. But, since she spends all her time near books she considers them a part of herself, and cannot stand to be separated from them. This is how she has spent about a hundred years.

Immaterial and Missing Power - 上海アリス通信.txt

The Unmoving Great Library, Patchouli Knowledge

Species: Witch
Residence: Scarlet Devil Mansion
Ability: The ability to use magic (mainly elemental magic)

A witch who has settled down in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Unlike the mistress of the house, she is not weak against sunlight; however, she does not go out much. She spends her days in a library where the sunlight cannot reach. This is so that the books won't be damaged, but the unhealthy atmosphere is bad for her health.

She doesn't have a very proactive personality, but rather always walks her own path. However, she is always interested where knowledge is concerned and will proactively go and try to acquire it. She does everything by the book, but still makes a lot of mistakes.

Although she is quite skillful, her complete lack of physical fighting ability can't be helped. She pretty much never attempts to directly punch or kick her opponent. She makes up for this with her knowledge of a great variety of powerful magic. She's more at ease using magic than trying to attack physically. Dividing the magic she uses according to the days of the week is a secret hobby of hers, but no one has realized this.

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody - chara.html

The Unmoving Great Library

Patchouli Knowledge

Race: Witch.

Occupation: Witch.

Place of residence: Scarlet Devil Manor.

Ability: The power to use magic (primarily elemental magic).

Personality: Dark and taciturn.

Dark just means she doesn't interact well with others - it's not a reflection of her outlook.

Subterranean Animism - キャラ設定.txt

The Great Unmoving Library

Patchouli Knowledge

Species: magician
Ability: power to use magic

A magician that lives in the Scarlet Devil Manor.

She noticed the great number of earth spirits that came from the geyser. On further investigation, they turned out not to be earth spirits, but evil spirits that looked just like phantoms. These evil spirits were spirits that bore a grudge against the world. They were a threat to humans, youkai, and fairies alike.

She wanted to find out what was causing the evil spirits to appear, but going herself would have been quite dangerous. Troubled, Patchouli went to see Yukari. Yukari, who was also surprised by the incident, came up with a plan to make the humans go explore the underground.

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