I just rewrote this

Reimu and Marisa were sitting on top of a big hill. In the distance, a city full of sad girls dying in a guy's arms was visible.

"Man, I just have this sudden urge to be all depressed and stuff, ze~," said Marisa. She really wasn't sure why, but she thinks it had to do with the fact there was a girl (SPOILERS) in the city.

"Yeah, I think I know what you mean. After all the crap with the talismans and stuff, I think I learned that we totally have the best universe. I mean, where else can we freaking blow up things with a little energy push?" She stuck out her arm and shot an enormous laser that completely destroyed the city. Except for Akiko, because everybody loves Akiko. "k I'm going home now." said Reimu.

"Wait, you mean you could've done that all along? ze?" asked Marisa, almost furious with Reimu for making her go through all of this random bs.

"I figured it was a good lesson for us to learn or something," said Reimu. "Get over here Akiko, we're going home!"

Akiko, Marisa, and Reimu jumped into a portal into Gensokyo.

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