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It was a normal day in Gensokyo. The night sparrows were chirping, the cicadas were crying, the insects were buzzing, and the fairies were being hunted for fun. Speaking of Gensokyo, as you can tell, this is a magical place where there are many girls who can shoot energy blasts in beautiful, intricate patterns known as danmaku, or curtain fire in english. However, sometimes these powers are abused, and chaos erupts. Unfortunately, such is about to happen.

"Hmm," thought Reimu, our local heroine miko (Shinto shrine maiden), "My miko sense is tingling!" She immediately went to consult with Alice, a very intelligent youkai (term for virtually any supernatural creature) witch, who loves dolls.

"I don't know what's wrong, you should go talk to Marisa, she might know," she said with a shrug.

"Are you sure? She doesn't really seem to know anything these days," countered Reimu.

"Definetly, I already checked in on the issue with her,"

"Thanks anyways, I'll remember this next time I danmaku battle you," said Reimu.

As she left however, Alice gained an evil grin. "Okay, I held up my end of the bargain, now where's my independent dolls," she asked.

"Later, you won't regret it though," responded a figure hiding in the darkness.

"la la la, MASTER SPARK!" sang Marisa. She was quite joyful, and hopping around the forest of magic for no reason.

"What's wrong with you?" asked Reimu, "Haven't you noticed the imbalance of chemicals in the air?"

"Yeah, but I knew it was better to wait for you, so I would know where to go to steal the magic, and blow things up!"

"Figures, it's the same every other time..." Reimu look disdainfully at Marisa, "You really need to get more original..."

"Nah, not really" countered Marisa, "I'm just an ordinary witch after all. Regardless though, lets cut to the chase, what's going on?"

"I don't have a clue." Reimu shrugged. "As far as I can tell, somebody is messing with the atmosphere, but I don't know with what."

"Well then, lets go check the people we've already blown up!" Marisa quickly got her broomstick, and the two flew off to a large lake, not noticing they were being carefully watched from the shadows.

"Stop right there!" yelled Cirno, the fairy of ice. "Why are you crossing the lake again?"

"Well, the atmosphere is changed yet again, so we have to check previous culprits before examining other suspects," said Marisa, in a matter of fact voice. "You might want to get out of my way, before I use a deadly spellcard on you!" Marisa had a devilish look on her face.

"Come on Marisa, don't go too far overboard" said Reimu, sighing to herself.

"Awww, can't I have some fun?"

"No, we're saving energy for later battles, what if you need to deathbomb on the last spell?"

"Fine, fine, be that way"

Suddenly, "HEY, don't ignore me, I'm not the little threat I used to be, I was trained by that door guard Meiling!" shouted Cirno, with a frustrated expression. Reimu and Marisa both laughed, and Cirno was shot down in an instant. They flew on to the island quickly, still not noticing the eyes in the water.

They quickly disposed of Meiling and her fairies, and quickly invaded the Scarlet Devil Mansion. As usual, it took a while to get adjusted to the dark and cold mansion. "Don't you guys ever stop coming?" questioned Patchouli, with a rather pale face, "I'm not too strong today, so I won't try to stop you, but you might be suprised with what you see later on, don't think I didn't warn you."

"O..kay?" responded Reimu, with a rather puzzled expression. What could have possible gone on in the mansion?

The truth became obvious quickly, for the signs of a Flandre breakout were unmissable! "Oh crap," yelled Marisa, as she panicked to find the incredibly strong vampire. "Go talk to Remilia, I'll handle the little one!"

"Got it, don't waste too many lives!" shouted Reimu. As Reimu flew off, Marisa flew around wildly, looking for the crazed vampire. By the time she found her, it was too late.

Sakuya, the elegant head maid of the mansion already had it covered. "Illusion Sign "Jack the Ripper"" was all Marisa heard before Flandre was on the ground, out of commision. "Nice job"

"I must always serve my mistress, even if may endanger another life," replied Sakuya, matter-of-factly.

"Has this been happening more often?" asked Marisa, landing from her broom

"No, this is the first time since the incident that she broke out, for seemingly no reason too." Sakuya looked quite confused, and a little tired

"Well, I have an idea. Haven't you noticed the change in the air? Maybe it drove her insane, it seemed to be effecting Patchouli as well."

"Oh no, maybe it's effecting the mistress too!" shouted Sakuya. The dark figure seemed to have disappeared.

"So you have no clue at all?" questioned Reimu, with a very frustrated look on her face.

"Absolutely none," replied Remilia, looking very twitchy. "Hey Reimu, you wouldn't happen to have any pineapple quiche, I've had this killer craving for it recently..."

"keesh? what's that?"


"Mistress, is anything wrong?" asked Sakuya, as she kicked down the door, with a very large SWAT.

"I want some pineapple quiche, how did you know something would be not normal though?"

"It's my duty to know. By the way, the quiche is prepared downstairs," said Sakuya.

Reimu freaked, but then she remembered Sakuya's time stopping abilities. "Weird human" she thought.

"Oh well, Sakuya, head out with the red-white and black-white to make sure this gets solved, I don't like weird cravings." said Remilia, already eating some.

"Certainly my mistress, I prepared more quiche for you when you get hungry."

"How wonderful, I never regret making you head-maid"

"Hey, can I try some of this keesh stuff?" asked Marisa, with a pondering look on her face.

"You probably don't want to, there's a few ingredients you might disagree with" said Sakuya, with a sickened look on her face.

"Oh, I forgot"

"Well, lets head outside, Suika is bound to be around" said Reimu, "She might know what's going on". The three left quickly, and Remilia left to eat her quiche.

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