Meanwhile, inside the Tohno Family Mansion

"Look Kohaku, it's raining lol" said Akiha.

In the library...

"I'm sitting on a pile of books, lol," said Shiki

"Reading is fun lol," said Hisui

In the classroom at school.

"The books are too far for me to reach lol," said Neco-Arc

"How are you writing without a pencil!?" asked Ciel-Sempai

In the Tohno Mansion's Basement, Mech-Hisui was going :X.

"I have this feeling a horrible parody just happened," said Reimu, with a disgusted look on her face.

"I have no clue what you're talking about, ze~," commented Marisa, enjoying her flight through a new world.

"Now it's time for Mahou Shojou Kohaku's lesson on how to spark!

First, concentrate your mind Then, mutter the spell to Mini-Hakkero tenderly Be sure to aim at someone you don't like Now unleash your annihilation of love!

Laser is not difficult, ze~" said Kohaku.


"Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" said Reimu, plugging her ears for a huge explosion.

As they appproached the Tohno Mansion, Marisa prepared for her spark,

However, right when Marisa fired her laser of love, Shiki cut its line and it dissapeared.

"Hey, what kind of an ability is that!" yelled Marisa and Shiki at the same time.

"Man, I could make so much money with that knife! Its powers must be incredible!" shouted Marisa, happy to find a rare item.

"The knife is completely normal, it's my power than can kill your laser. Now why on earth were you trying to kill us all?" asked Shiki, as he was fed up with weirdos.

"Well, somebody stole my trademark ze~!"

"Oh, that must've been Kohaku. She plays way too many Touhou games, whatever those are. Marisa tends to say tha... WAIT A SECOND. You mean to tell me the Touhou games are REAL?"

"No, we're just from a completely different universe, the universe of ZUN." said Reimu. "Well, I judge this means we ended up in the Nasuverse?"

"Well, I've heard it called that. I guess more video games are more real than we thought..." Shiki promptly got a blood nose.

"YOU PERVERT, ZE~" yelled Marisa, sparking him again.

"Oh well, sucks I have main character syndrome and can't die!" said Shiki, laughing hard, while cleaning up his blood by killing it.

"Oh well, this universe will be a fun one..." said Reimu, not looking too excited.

"1cc'd!" shouted Kohaku, in joy, after she finally 1cced IN through FinalA path.

"Man I remember when I did that, Eirin is such a bser. I freaking got to her and she was so hard. Kaguya was so much weaker. With stuff like Apollo 13 and Hourai Elixir, how can I beat her? Well, I'm the Great Reimu Hakurei, so of course I won, but regardless man that was hard," ranted Reimu, compaining about the actual events of Imperishable Night.

"So it's true that you know Ciel, who has so many rare weapons of the church, and have glasses that stop your magic, rare eyes ze~?" asked Marisa, incredibly interested in the rare items of the Tohno Mansion.

"Yeah, but I can't get you any of them. Ciel's weapons would probably destroy your world in a second, and there's no way the glasses are going to you, and don't even think about touching my eyes," complained Shiki.

"CIEL GET THE HECK OUT OF MY HOUSE I HATE YOU," shouted Akiha. Her irrational hatred for Ciel drove her to rage anytime she saw her.

"I just need to eliminate the strange humans, and then I can go," said Ciel, with no emotion at all. "Oh, Shiki-sama, how are you tonight <3?"

"HEY, LEAVE SHIKI ALONE," yelled Arcueid, the light-headed vampire. Her love for Shiki completely dominated her thinking at times

"Nya nya nya nya nya, you shall never defeat my love for Shiki!" yelled Neco-Arc, flying in through the window.

"Aww, what about your love for Sacchin" said Satsuki, abusing her pity love.

"I predicted this will happen, and I know exactly how to get Shiki to love me most, kyahahahahahah~," laughed Sion, the genius alchemist. Her ability to predict people was impeccable.

"Hey, what's all this going on, you all know Shiki is mine," yelled Akiha, her hair red all of a sudden. "I just regret not being large enough to please him."

"Awww, Shiki, I thought you loved me, do you want me to start pretending again ;_;," complained Kohaku, as she had finally found her true self through his love for her.

"Shiki-sama, you must ignore everybody, you know I am truly the one for you," said Hisui, being impeccably proper as she had always been raised to be.

"..." said Ren.

"Hey dudes, what's going on here. Is somebody intruding on my Shiki-sama's territory?" yelled Arihiko, bursting into the room, protecting his one beloved.

"GET OUT!!!!!" yelled all of the girls at once, and Arihiko quickly was flying through the roof.

"God, what the heck is going on here, ze~?" asked Marisa, completely horrified at what was going on.

"I don't know, but we oughta get out of here before people start to explode," said Reimu, preparing her HAKUREI BORDER MAGIX!

"SHIKI-SAN, WE LOVE YOU," yelled every Tsukihime character. However, Reimu and Marisa were already long gone.

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