"God, why does Tori no Uta always have to play in the background?" complained Yukito. After having a million emotional scenes in less than a week, he got really sick of it.

"Aww, but it's a good song gao~" said Misuzu, uttering her catch phrase unconciously. "By the way, want some juice gao~? I'll get you the stuff that everybody hates but I get anyways!"

"God, why couldn't Kanna have been a little more mature in her days..." muttered Yukito. Misuzu's childness always got on his nerves.


"Hey, we're on the middle of the beach, stop yelling at us, especially about that!"

"I just had to ruin your moment, hahahahahahahahaha"

However, Haruko just happened to miss the fact a huge border was opening right where she was sitting on the beach.

"God, you missed again Reimu, you really could use some lessons from Yukari... ze~" yelled Marisa, frustrated with their strange trip.

"Just be thankful we got out of that crazy world. We could've been killed!" yelled Reimu, just as frustrated as Marisa.

"Hey, you two over there, who the hell are you, coming up from under me!" yelled Haruko, angry over being pushed out of her spot.

"Shut up before I spark you, ze~" said Marisa, not in the mood to argue.

"So, what do you think is wrong with this world?" asked Reimu, quite curious. "So far, we've had crazy reviving kids, a massive harem and watching people play with us, and now what? With my luck, that girl over there is possesed by the cursed spirit of a winged beast, cursed by the buddhists, as they believe no human should have wings!"

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner!" said Yukito, quite sarcastically.

"God damn, WHY DID I HAVE TO BE RIGHT. Okay, so anyways, I've got some anti-curse charms, lets use them, I need some practice with that anyways!"

"But there needs to be some overly dramatic scene where Misuzu walks over and dies!" yelled KEY. "BTW, did we just break the fourth wall?"

"It's okay, we already took care of that," said Yukito. "Now get back to writing, I want to end this fast."

"Okay, ANYWAYS, let me try it this time, ze~. You always make it look like anti-curses are so easy, you just put it on their forehead ze~." said Marisa. She always did envy Reimu's work.

"Hey guys, you do realize I have ears, the buddhists didn't seal that gao! Stop being mean to me, I'll get uncursed in my own way!"

"Listen to her or I'll throw that star sand at you!" yelled the overly hyper Michiru.

An hour later, a set where Misuzu, with angel wings taped to her back, would walk and fall finally onto the anti-cursing charm had been developed.

"Okay, do you remember all of your lines, gao!?" yelled Misuzu, very happy to finally try this out.

"All we have to say is there's no way you can do it Misuzu, while you say yes I can gao!, ze~" yelled Marisa, frustrated she wasn't hte main character.

"Well then, let's try this out, gao!"

"There's no way you can do it Misuzu!" yelled Haruko. Nobody was sure if she was in or out of character.

At this point, Misuzu collapsed into a crying fit, and died on the beach, without ever being uncursed.

"Well, shit, ze~" said Marisa, with a massive sweatdrop running down her head.

"You're kidding me, now I need to raise another kid in order to waste their life finding some random cursed girl!?!?!?!?!" ranted Yukito.

"God, does this normally happen in this world?" asked Reimu, driecting it mostly at KEY.

"Yep! Be thankful you aren't being subjected to the Summer arc, where Kanna and her Mother are about to reunite and they are both spontaneously stabbed in the back my soldiers, and can't even cry out each others names, with tears of blood streaming down their faces, they sit there silently mourning their own losses, and how their lives just overall sucked, and how they wished they were never born winged," said KEY, in a matter of fact voice.

"God damn I'm getting out of here now!" yelled Reimu, grabbing Marisa. "HAKUREI BORDER MAGIX!"

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