"Okay, my Miko sense is still tingling, so my lesson didn't magically save Gensokyo," complained Reimu. "I guess Yukari is just too lazy to do this all for me."

"Well, let's go blow everything up, ze!" said Marisa, excited to finally be back home.

"Whee, there's so many fairies for me to feed my jam too!" shouted Akiko. She wanted the whole universe to know what her jam tasted like!

"Hey, you there, stop flying into my forest!!!!!" shouted Udonge. She was sick and tired of people flying into the forest to kick her ass. "I just trained my eyes, they're level 9999 now! You can never defeat me!"

"Here, silly rabbit, do you want some jam? It's far more fun to eat jam than to fight~." Akiko was excited to already meet somebody to give jam. She grabbed Udonge and fed her the jam.

"Whoa, the bamboo just turned into giant CANDY CANES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Udonge started licking the trees, and Reimu and Marisa just flew away, and never did turn back.

"Hey, the NEET is out of her room!" should Marisa. Kaguya was never out of her room, she was always too busy playing WoW or some bs like that. Nobody really know what it was though.

"Silly Marisa, the way of the NEET is the way to live! You should become a NEET and waste your life away like mine! o ho ho ho ho!!" Kaguya was very protective of her life style. When she saw Akiko, she freaked out.

"SHIT WHAT'S SHE DOING HERE WITH THAT JAR OF JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME REIMU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Kaguya. Apparently, she didn't only play online games.

"wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww" said Reimu, with a huge grin on her face. She high fived Akiko, and they went on.

"Hey, anybody want some sweet sweet medicine?" Medicine was trying to trick people with her poison again.

"You know, you're less deceptive than even that rabbit," said Reimu. Tewi never really did trick anyone.

"Hey, don't be mean to me, this is really good poison! Watch this! Medicine Sign "POISON SPARK"!!!!!!!!!!"

"Whoa, since when can people imitate my master spark with medicine, ze?" asked Marisa.

"Silly doll, this is how that technique is done! Sweet Sign "JAM SPARK"!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Akiko.

The two were stuck in one of those ENERGY DUEL things you find all the time in DBZ. Eventually though, both were running out of energy. Sakuya decided to show up again now, and stabbed Medicine in the back, making her collapse, feeding Sakuya a faceful of jam.

"THE WALLS HAVE EYES!" shouted Sakuya as she ran away from the mansion, to join Reisen licking the trees.

"ahahahahahahahahaha, you're too late!" shouted Eirin.

"NEVAR! OUR POWER LEVELS ARE OVER ⑨000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted the three, and they all used various sparks on Eirin. "TALISMAN SPARK!" "MASTER SPARK!" "JAM SPARK!" shouted the three, and within seconds, Eirin was wishing she never did drink that hourai elxir stuff.

Afterwards, they pillaged the mansion some.

Marisa started drinking some random stuff, and said, "Good medicine does taste bad, ze~" before collapsing on the floor dead.

"usasasasasa," said Tewi, for it had been her who replaced Hourai Elxir with Eirin brand KCN.

"o well, she was irritating anyways," said Reimu, and she never did give her a funeral.


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