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The moment they were outside, the land was covered in a mist, and everybody felt a huge urge to feast. "SUIKA!" They all yelled at once, and suddenly Suika came falling from the mist.

"owwwww, that really hurt, don't do that..." said Suika, tenderly rubbing her back and ears at once.

"Stop fooling around, something is seriously wrong, if you couldn't tell while you were mist, I was wondering if you knew what." Reimu looked pretty pissed off, and didn't want to wait. "Oh, by the way, have you been feeling strange?"

"Other than really missing the other oni, I feel fine. Something might be wrong with the air, but I'm probably too drunk to tell. By the way, wanna have a party?"

"NO" They all yelled, and again, Suika rubbed her ears tenderly.

"Fine, fine, be that way. Oh well, I'm going off to drink some sake, you guys know where to find me when you need it," said Suika, suddenly flying off.

"Well, that was a waste of time," complained Marisa. "Why couldn't she actually help us."

"Well, that also covers all mist offenders in the area, so it's time to start doing something," said Sakuya, with a fairly knowing expressing on her face.

"hmm, those ghosts over in that temple seem to be causing trouble all the time, so lets head over there!"

"Fine, fine," said Reimu, with a indifferent look.

However, none of them noticed a small figure in the distance followed them.

"It's so wonderfully warm in these clouds," said Sakuya, clearly remembering the long winter of infamity.

"Yes, it's like stepping into my wonderful kotatsu~" Reimu had a very pleasant look on her face, like she stepped into a little bit of heaven.

"Hey, it's you three again, what are you up to this time?" ask Lunasa, with Merlin and Lyrica in the background. "yay, the dog meat returned!" said Lyrica with an excited look on her face.

"HEY, I thought I told you that's wrong!" yelled Sakuya, obviously quite angry at how far the rumors have spread.

"Calm down Sakuya, you won't get us anywhere like that," said Marisa, tolerant of Lyrica's childish behavior. "Besides, I want to blow them up myself!"

"Geez, can't you guys ever calm down?" said Reimu, tired of the two energetic companions already. "So, are you going to let us through or not?"

"Of course not," said Lunasa. "It's our job to defend this boundary."

"Well then, it's time for us to get started," said Reimu. "How strangely similar to before."

"So it is, but we've had more practice, can you beat the new and improved Prismriver trio?"

Lunasa quickly covered Reimu with a basic spread of blue and red bullets, going straight down. However, she quickly added a twisting spiral of pink bullets to the mix, making it very difficult to find a safe spot. However, Reimu used her fantastic skills to dodge through it seemingly effortlessly.

Merlin took Sakuya, and while weaving through her knives, used a combination of lasers and bullets to trap her into a corner. However, Sakuya wasn't a beginner at danmaku either, and quickly got out, and prepared for the next barrage.

Marisa took on Lyrica again, bombarded by a massive amount of red and blue bullets, going at different speeds. The combination of fast and slow bullets gave her a headache, although she safely dodged through them, taking her hitbox to the limit.

"Noisy Sign "Live Poltergeist"" said the three Prismrivers, as they carefully pulled in for a combination attack.

"Be careful, this one can trap you easily," said Reimu, advising her, in her eyes, lesser companions.

"Hey, we were there too, don't treat us like babies," complained Marisa, already prepared for her strategy.

"Well, you better be ready, here it comes!" yelled Sakuya, preparing to carefully stream the bullets.

The spellcard wasn't too bad, as it was mostly a streaming card, with extra red bullets. The three quickly defeated it, but were suprised when the sisters immediately went into three different spellcards.

Merlin quickly covered Reimu with Dark Trumpet "Ghost Clifford", a difficult card with multiple bullets spawning energy blasts. Reimu was just barely able to find a path through the spellcard she had never seen before.

Lunasa used Spirit Strings "Stradivarius" on Marisa, who quickly panicked at hte speed of the wall approaching her. "Oh no, I need to bomb!" cried Marisa, who quickly pulled out a spellcard of her own. "Love Sign "MASTER SPARK"" Lunasa had heard of this before, and quickly stopped the spellcard in order to protect herself.

Sakuya faced Lyrica, who used Key Ghost "Bösendorfer Spirit Performance". "Hey, wasn't this harder on normal?" questioned Sakuya, effortlessly dodging through the pattern. "Well, I don't want to completely destroy my dog meat!" said Lyrica, almost drooling with hunger. "Why won't you let that go!" said Sakuya, obviously getting quite angry.

Once that attack wave had finished, the Prismrivers pulled out their trump card: Poltergeist Sign "Phantom Ensemble". The spellcard involved a pattern of bullets spawning from the center, and rather than going down, went up and to the sides to meet lasers set down by the Prismrivers, and split into many falling petals. (for crayon touhou idea of what htis looks like )

"It's too difficult to dodge!" yelled Reimu. "Let me cover you with a barrier as you crush them with energy! "Dream Sign "Duplex Barrier""!

"Here we go!" shouted Marisa and Sakuya, and they quickly spread out to cover the Prismrivers with knives and energy. The spellcard was over quickly.

"Darnit, why do they always win," complained Merlin. She was still alive, but very hurt.

"It's my job to win and exterminate you, consider it a compliment you're still alive," said Reimu in a very haughty tone of voice.

"Well, we should fly over the barrier this time to avoid breaking things again," said Marisa. "We don't want to need to deal with Yukari again."

"Hey, what was that you said?" said Yukari, sitting on top of the great gate.

Yukari disappeared just as quickly, laughing as our heroes looked at her in shock. They went through the border and headed to the garden, over hte long long staircase.

"You again..." complained Youmu. She knew that whenever they visited, there would be a large mess to clean up.

"No mess this time, we're only here for a second," replied Reimu, dispelling Youmu's fears. "We just need to quickly talk to Yuyuko, to see if she knows what's going on."

"What do you mean?"

"In the outside of Gensokyo, there's a strange mist spreading around, and it isn't Suika or Remilia this time."

"Awww, I want somebody to blow up..." complained Marisa.

"Stop whining, it's getting irritating," said Sakuya. "I want to get this over with quickly so Remilia stays fine."

"Who called? By the way Youmu, how long until Lunch?" asked Yuyuko, as she flew into the scene.

"I did." said Reimu. "The outside world is covered in mist, are you screwing around with something to bring that stupid tree back to life?"

"I have no clue what you're talking about, I would never do something like that," said Yuyuko with a ditzy expression.

"Man, why don't you act more like you did in PCB, you just were a ditz in IN," (o shi did i just break the 4th wall?)


"Forget I said anything..."

"Well, she seems to be innocent," said Sakuya, fairly frustrated by the waste of time. "Lets head somewhere else, I just checked on the mistress, she's fine."

"Man, I'll never get used to your time stop." said Marisa, with a pained expression on her face. "It seems so weird..."

"Well then, lets go check on our other problem youkai, Yukari" declared Reimu.

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