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"Well then, so we're in a haunted town called Hinamizawa, and somebody is going to die tomorrow night, and you want us to use our powers to protect them?" asked Reimu.

"Yeah, let me introduce you to the other person you need to protect, I'm one of the two." said Takano.

"Did somebody call me? I seemed to hear die and night and protect in the same sentence!" said Tomitake. The instant he saw Reimu and Marisa, hundreds of pictures were taken. "And what beautiful angels I get to be protected by, you must be the messengers of our god!"

"Don't make me blow you up myself, ze~" said marisa, glaring at Tomitake. He continued anyways, and was sparked. He promptly came back.

"Geez, that hurt, don't do that..."

"Well then, put that camera away, ze~"

"But this camera is my life, I take many many photos and just DIE before I can get them out."

"Hey, by the way, are we getting paid for this?" asked Reimu, obviously thinking of nothing but the money she'll make.

"Well, if I manage to survive, I'll give you the profit from my wonderful photos, and maybe a bit of Tomitake Princess time!"

The world self destructed, but quickly returned.

"I have this feeling I just heard something terribly evil..."

"Oh no, it was nothing, you just get my profit."

"Well, it's time for you to die," said Reimu, looking at the sky to know the time.

"Uh, actually you're off by 10 hours still." said Tomitake, completely confused.

"Damn, I guess only she does have that power then."

"Huh? who's she?"

"Unimportant, from a different universe."

"Well, we've still got 10 hours, if you want to..."

"Damnit, stop destroying the world, you've done it 5 times in the last minute"

"Aww, but I just want to have fun before I die..."

"Well, you won't be having it with me."

"Damn, just when I almost got my miko fetish... oh wait. See you in a few hours!"

"So, every year, two people die horrinble bloody deaths, and this is a curse from Oyashiro-Sama, for having people taht supported the dam project, ze~?"

"Yep, isn't it so wonderfully dark? Also, there's some aliens and maggots involved, but don't worry about those." Takano had her famous evil expression on again.

"Why can't i just spark everything then? Everything just resets anyways, ze~"

"Too easy, there has to be a story you know. Oh well, I die in 10 hours, you better protect me."

"Laser is easy, ze~. Don't worry."

"I worry plenty"

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