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"KEIICHI-KUN!!!" Yelled Rena, running down the street. "You're late, you need to stop telling me USO!"

"God damn don't make me bash your head in again, you said you wouldn't do that," yelled Keiichi, obviously pissed off. He promptly had his head sliced off by a falling ax. However, it promptly reset.

"gwahahahaha!" laughed Satoko, as she watched Keiichi die and come back. "I love that trap ~wa!"

"Nipah~☆" said Rika, as she reached over and pat Keiichi's bloody head. "It'll be okay, so long as I'm around nipah~☆."

"Well, this old man says we better get off to school, or Chie will force feed us curry!" said Mion, with a look of disgust on her face. Obviously, she had played that penalty game one too many times.

As the five went off to school, screams of SATOSHI-KUN could be heard in the distance.

When they arrived at the school, they found it in ruins. It quickly reappeared, and there were large explosions of energy were coming from the sky.

"I TOLD YOU, I DON'T KNOW WHERE WE ARE, ZE~" yelled Marisa, weaving in between Reimu's yin-yang balls of death.

"WELL, FIGURE IT OUT. ALSO, WHERE'S THE MAID?" Screamed Reimu, even though it did nothing.

"GOD DAMNIT WHAT DID YOU SAY I'M SICK OF THIS WHY ARE WE DANMAKU BATTLING ANYWAYS, ZE~" screamed Marisa back, sick of being yelled at.

"BECAUSE WE LANDED IN THIS STRANGE WORLD AND YOU SPARKED ME YOU ASSHOLE!" Reimu shot a large cluster of yin-yang balls at Marisa as she yelled this.



"K." Marisa dropped down to the ground instantly. Reimu followed suit.

"Well then, why on EARTH were you danmaku battling at our school!" screamed Chie, as she pulled out the Seventh Holy Scrip- I mean a huge plate of curry and started flinging it at Reimu and Marisa. The group of Hinamizawa kids joined in.

"Hey hey hey, stop it, we were just in a bad mood, ze~" said Marisa, flicking away some curry.

"Well then, I bet you'd like to hear the dark history of Hinamizawa." said Takano, with an incredibly evil look on her face.

"Did you mention cannibal demons rising from the lake to feed on flesh?" asked Reimu, her eyes replaced by yen signs.

"Well then, I think I'll go spark the lake, ze~" said Marisa, her eyes replaced with spellcards. "MASTER SPARK ZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"NO YOU BLEW UP SATOSHI-KUN'S BODY YOU ASSHOLE WHAT WAS THAT FOR!" screeched Shion. She promptly killed Marisa.


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