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Many people have made games inspired by the Touhou world.


  • 秋霜玉 (Shuusou Gyoku) - A danmaku game inspired by Touhou, with a focus on fewer, faster bullets as opposed to slower, more numerous bullets. Features music and some art by ZUN.
  • 稀翁玉 (Kioh Gyoku) - A PoFV style game, with massive emphasis on grazing streaming bullets. Also features music by ZUN.
  • 幡紫竜 (Banshiryuu) - Another danmaku style game, with focus again on fewer, faster bullets.
  • 五月雨 ~samidare~ - A danmaku game with shields. Perhaps Amusement Makers' most well-known work. Seihou only in spirit.


Beat 'em up









  • PatchCon - An RTS game starring almost all of the characters from recent games. 1P only, unlike most other modern RTSes. By Tasogare Frontier.
  • 幻想郷 Tower Defense (Gensokyo Tower Defense)
  • 東方叙事詩 (Touhou Epic) - A Civilization IV mod.
  • Touhou Defence of The Shrines - A Warcraft III mod, DOTA style. Contains almost the entire cast of Windows Touhou characters.
  • 東方蟒酒宴 ~ Age of Ethanols - An RTS game with a game mechanic heavily influenced by Age of Empires. Developed by Neetpia.
  • Touhou☆Strategy ~ LotusCraft - Another RTS game by Neetpia, this time influenced by Warcraft.


Visual Novel


Fan Made

  • Hisoutensoku+ - A community created patch for Touhou Hisoutensoku.
  • Death by Default - A danmaku shooter in the works, includes characters up to TH11
  • Touhou Arkham Horror - A modification to the Lovecraftian adventure game by Fantasy Flight Games.

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