General Guidelines

  • Keep an eye on the radar for yellow dots, indicating treasure chests. Some have keys, which are required to advance in the game.
  • If you forget, check the keys you have in your pause menu. If you can't read Japanese, navigate manually to each room to check their names, which is written on the right side.
  • Some rooms require you to kill every enemy in the room to obtain accessories. Keep in mind that some enemies, upon death, cause spawning of other enemies, making this task harder.
  • The fairy in the second floor entrance trades you HP, MP, and other upgrades in return for stones that are rarely and randomly dropped by enemies.
  • The amulet hanging on the top left of the map doesn't do anything in the beginning, but be careful after you obtain Flying. It slowly changes colors until you're forced to a boss fight with Death. However, you can skip the fight by just flying up into the door.
  • Grazing bullets from enemies will replenish the drive gauge, press F1 to toggle to show your hitbox.

Room-by-Room Walkthrough

  • Guest Room 1: West Path Door key.
  • Room of Meiling: Training Room key.
  • Training Room: High Jump. Must have at least 500 energy, then talk to Meiling.
  • Room of Maid Chief: Spear the Gungrir. Talk to Sakuya twice.
  • Library: Demon Road. Talk to Koakuma.
  • Maid Room 6: Dining Room key.
  • Dining Room: Kitchen key.
  • Disposal Room: Second floor key.
  • Depot No2: Evil Room key.
  • Evil Room: Flying. Read the book in the center of the room.
    • At this point, you may fight Death while moving around the mansion.
  • Maid's Anteroom 2: Wine Cellar key
  • Guest Room 2: Red Orb
  • Relaxation Room: Blue Orb
  • Portrait Room: Yellow Orb
  • Terrace: Purple Orb
  • Terrace of the Moon: Green Orb
  • Depot No1: Silver Orb
  • Secret Aisle: Requires the six orbs to enter. Access to the back door of Sleeping room in the basement.

Item Locations

See also: Ojou-sama no DokiDoki Daisakusen: Items and Accessories
For the most part, all these items require killing every enemy in the room in one go.

  • Large Parlor: Deflection Bangle (2,4)
  • Dining Room: Shaman Pierce (1,4)
  • Evil Room: Ring of Asmodeus (1,10)

The following requires Flying.

  • Maid's Anteroom: Ring of Agni (1,9).
  • Depot No1: Silver Pendant (2,12). Mini-boss fight.
  • Maid Room 5: Medal of Awareness (2,2).
  • Large Bathroom: Spiritual Piece (5,1).
  • Closet Room: Iron Bloomers (2,5).
  • Wine Cellar: Gold Pendant (2,13).
  • Terrace of the Moon: Brooch of Darkness (3,2).
  • Attic 2: Nightmare Circlet (1,7).
  • Relaxation Room: ?? (3,4).
  • Terrace: (3,11).
  • Secret Aisle: Golden Torc (2,11).

Given by Meiling.

  • Training Room: Red Shoes (2,8).(Given after getting Remilia's Key)
  • Training Room: Destruction Choker (1,13). Break all of the seal (Red circles).

  • Room of Maid Chief: Old Pocketwatch (2,9). Given by Sakuya (After beating Death).

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