The game may be configured to be played using the keyboard or gamepad.

Default controls

  • Z: Shoot bullets. Hold down the button to release a charged shot.
  • X: Jump. The height of the jump is influenced by how long you hold the button.
  • C: Action. Generally used to talk to NPCs and enter doors.
  • A: Skill. Use your assigned spellcard.
  • S: Skill change. Rotate your currently available spellcards.
  • D: Pause. Enter your pause menu in-game.
  • Q: Use item. Use your currently assigned item.
  • W: Focus movement. Only used when flying. Hold the button to slow movement.

Extra commands

  • Jump + Up: Flight. Unlocked during the course of the game. Consumes D gauge over time.
  • Jump + Down: High jump. Unlocked during the course of the game. Consumes D gauge each use.
  • Shoot + Skill: Bomb. Performed with full purple meter. Resembles equipped spellcard.

Remilia's Spellcards

  • Scarlet Shot: Shoots a basic, large shot. (スカーレットシュート)
  • Spear the Gungnir: Shoots a laser. Breaks certain blocks, pierces enemies, ignores walls. (スピア・ザ・グングニル)
  • Demon Road: Shoots a projectile forward that then splits 3 ways. 2 shots go up, down, and foward. Initial projectile ignores walls. (デーモンロード)
  • Bloody Square: Creates a short, stationary, scarlet barrier that eliminates danmaku. Appears to work instantly, even before the square takes shape. (ブラッディスクウェア)

Flandre's Spellcards

  • Cranberry Trap: Shoots a yellow, 6-sided star. Can be detonated for an extra cost, causing it to burst into 24 projectiles. Will not explode on enemies or walls. Can be fired diagonally. (クランベリートラップ)
  • Lævateinn: Shoots a yellow laser. Breaks certain blocks, pierces enemies, ignores walls. Same range properties as Remilia's Gungnir. (レーヴァテイン)
  • Counter Clock: Shoots 2 spinning 'gears' in 2 directions: 1 up and 1 down. The gears will first stop in their original positions, right above and below Flandre; then, they will reaccelerate and proceed upon their original paths. Explodes when it hits ceilings/floors. (過去を刻む時計)
  • Catadioptric: Fires a projectile that breaks off into 2 smaller projectiles upon impact with a wall (not with an enemy). Smaller projectiles travel diagonally in a 45º angle and bounce 3 times each. If used on a wall while flying, they will take opposing trajectories, with one going up and one down; otherwise, they will follow the same trajectory. (カタディオプトリック)

Yuyuko's Spellcards

  • Butterfly Delusion: Shoots a crimson sphere. Explodes into butterflies after a distance or upon impact. Very high damage potential. (バタフライディルージョン)
  • Lance of the Swallowtail Crest: Shoots a Yuyuko laser. Ignores walls but pauses upon impact. Hits multiple times. Continues if target expires. (鳳蝶紋の死槍)
  • Cherry Blossoms of Sumizome: Shoots a butterfly directly above and below. Butterflies then shoot 3 energy spears ahead at regular intervals. (墨染めの桜)
  • Ghastly Dream: Creates a slowly-expanding barrier that eliminates danmaku. Does not instantly work as if full size, unlike Remilia's. (ギャストリドリーム)

Game Tiles

Ojousama gamescreen01

Recognizing what every tile in the game is essential in order to proceed in the game.

  1. Shutter. Must be opened by a key somewhere in the same level.
  2. Magic Circle. Optional objective to destroy every one of these in a level.
  3. Magic Crystal. Shoot to gain energy.
  4. Radar. Red and orange points indicate enemies, yellow indicate treasure chests. Blue are NPCs and yourself.
  5. Electric Tile. Painful.
  6. Spike Tile. Painful.
  7. Number Platforms. Step on each tile in numerical order to open the music door. Stepping on any out of order or one you already stepped on resets the platforms.
  8. Disappearing platforms. Timed to appear and disappear in set intervals.
  9. Shrinking Platforms. Disappears over time when you stand on them. Reappears after they disappear fully.
  10. Music Door. Opens when the number platforms have all been stepped on in order.
  11. Blue Block. Can be destroyed by certain skills.
  12. Red Block. Can be destroyed by regular shots.
  13. Vanish Block. Disappears when you approach them.
  14. Red Potion. Heals 50% of your life (rounded down).
  15. Key. Opens shutters. Effect disappears when you leave the room.
  16. Circle Platforms. Disintegrates when you stand on them, does not regenerate.


Start-up Menu Screen

  1. Begin playing
  2. New Game+ (v. 3.00+)
  3. Achievements (v. 2.00+)
  4. Options
  5. Quit Game

Options Menu

  1. BGM Volume
  2. SFX Volume
  3. Graphics Quality (High, Medium, Low)
  4. Auto Recording(autosave?) (On, Off)
  5. Full Screen (On, Off)
  6. Focus Type (Default: normal speed, hold button to slow. Alternate: slow speed, hold button to speed up)
  7. Key Config (Regardless of how many buttons your Pad may have, only the "first" 8 are used)
  8. Exit

Map Screen

  1. Navigate Map
  2. Inventory. Left side lists your consumables, right side lists keys you have collected.
  3. Shop
  4. Save Game
  5. Exit to Title

Pause Menu

  1. Resume Game
  2. Accessories
  3. Items
  4. Reset Room
  5. Exit to Title

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