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This dōjin circle is D.watt's and 七条レタス's personal circle; they are composing their musics in this circle as they like, while they still stick in each concept of CD in IOSYS.


  • According to the fourth of Sound Game Broadcast (音ゲー放送局), which is one of Internet radio of IOSYS, 七条レタス is alias of D.watt as lyricist. So this circle is virtually directed by one person, D.watt.
  • According to a blog entry, the 1st to 3rd Albums are a trilogy. The titles have similar style, "Purple and Cherrypink", "Ruby and Aquamarine", and "Tsukuyomi and Amateras". And each concept is: "the Yuyuko and Yukari that I imagine", "the Keine and Mokou that I imagine", and "the Sakuya and Remilia that I imagine". Somehow the two characters in every title are reversed to correspond to (i.e. "the Yuyuko (Cherrypink) and Yukari (Purple) I imagine").
    • Plain Asia is the last track on these three albums.
    • English pseudo-translations for their tracks are provided on their CD booklets and on their CD websites.
  • D.watt is very fond of Plain Asia, Keine Kamishirasawa's Theme.
    • In addition, every IOSYS Touhou arrange album up to and including 東方想幽森雛 has a Plain Asia arrangement done by D.watt.

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