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Hieda no Akyu leant back in her chair, dropped the pen she was holding and gave a sigh of relief and satisfaction, “Finished at last!” Leaning forward again, she quickly signed the page of the book that lay in front of her and printed her name on the front cover.

A few seconds later, Keine Kamishirasawa entered the room with her usual warm smile, “I gather by the sounds of it, you’ve finished another book?”

“Yes, and this one wasn’t exactly the easiest to write.”

Keine looked slightly puzzled, “What is it?”

“Well, regardless of the unexpected event that occurred, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the party was partly a celebration of Mima becoming the new god of the shrine.

Keine still looked quite puzzled, “Yes, your point being?”

“Well, you will probably know that there’s very little information on her, in one location anyway.” Akyu spoke, with a chirp in her voice.

“So, you went and made it so.” Keine guessed confidently.

“Correct.” Akyu stood up and handed the book to Keine. “This book contains all the information I could get, as you might know, her history goes back a long, long way where there’s little remaining information.” Akyu gestured towards a pile of books, which were also sat on the table, some appearing to be in a terrible, old condition.

Opening the book, Keine began reading the book at a tremendous speed, taking in every word even though it appeared like she was only skimming through it.

‘The first records of the being known as Mima date back to the start of Gensokyo, so it is safe to guess that she was an original resident, however among the other humans that lived alongside her, she proved to be an anomaly, she was one of the first humans in Gensokyo to have magical abilities, and for that reason she was feared by some. This proved to be a catalyst to the events, which made her what she is today.’

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