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Mima successfully ignored the bombardment of questions from Marisa, about who she had invited around this evening, until there was three sharp knocks at the door.

“Someone’s here Lady Mima!” Marisa shouted as she raced to the door, only to jump back to see Mima had got there in a flash. As Mima opened the door, she talked, “Hello again! Glad to see you decided to come!”

Another voice sounded far from cheerful, like Mima’s, “Indeed.”

“Well, come in, come in. We have plenty to discuss.” Mima invited, as the person walked into the house and into Marisa’s view.

The woman wasn’t what Marisa had expected, the woman had a large build, taller then Mima and had an aura that gave the impression she could overpower Mima physically in seconds. Her robes were reasonably basic, red and white robes that resembled a Samurai’s training garb, which along with the sword at her waist confirmed the woman’s job. Her hair was quite long, tied to a ponytail, which trailed behind her, the hair on the front of her head covered her face slightly, keeping her ever-the-more mysterious.

Marisa walked in front of the woman as she went to sit down, “So, who are you?”

The samurai looked at the witch for a moment before walking past her, “Hey! I asked you a question!”

The woman spoke quietly, “Meira.”

“Good! I’m Marisa! How ya doing?”

The samurai spoke awkwardly, “I’m… alright, I guess.”

“Alright, and-“

“Marisa, please go and make some tea.” Mima interrupted.

Marisa sighed, “Okay, Lady Mima…”

Mima laughed quietly once the apprentice witch had left the room, “Sorry about her, she’s quite the handful.”

“Forgiven, now let’s talk about this plan you had.” The samurai quickly changed subject.

“Alright, let’s keep it simple. Once my plan is in motion, and the shrine’s thrown into disarray, I can guarantee you that the Shrine Maiden you’re after will leave the shrine down the northern road.” Mima walked over to a bookshelf and scanned through book titles.

Meira looked up, looking confused, “The north road? But that leads to nothing, does it not?”

Mima laughed, slamming a book down on the table and opening it to a map of the shrine area, “Oh it will, it will be leading right towards the bait, me.” Mima grinned maliciously, “That Miko will head straight for me.” Mima pointed to a position north of the shrine, in the mountains. “And the quickest route is the north road.”

“Fine, and then what.” Meira asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? You fight, you kill her, you take her powers, whatever you’re planning?” Mima laughed.

Meira paused in thought for a moment, “Why are you helping me? What’s your reason.”

Mima stared back with a deadly serious look, “Isn’t it obvious, I want her dead as much as you want those powers, the reason doesn’t regard you so I suggest you just get on with it.”

A slight look of discomfort was visible in the Samurai’s eyes for a moment, before she blinked out of it and returned to normal, “Fine. I’ll do it.”

“Good, I predict you’ll encounter her at around midnight, make sure this opportunity doesn’t go to waste.” Mima added.

The samurai rose from her chair and walked to the door, opening it and stepping out, “Of course, I won’t lose, I assure you that.” Meira said before slamming the door.

“I assure you, you will.” Mima said, once the warrior was out of earshot.

Mima sat back and laughed, “She believes in herself too much, she seriously thinks she can win? Even Marisa could beat her.”

“And that’s a bad thing?” A voice from Mima called, causing Mima to almost fall off her chair.

“No no no, she was acting as though she was the absolute most powerful being there was and you’re a witch who’s been learning for less then a year so it’s really-“ “Forget it Lady Mima, you’re embarrassing yourself.” Marisa interrupted with a giggle. “She didn’t even drink her tea.” She said as she placed the cups on the table.

Marisa sat at the table facing Mima, “So, you just hired her because you know she’ll lose?”

“Indeed, I did. She’ll wear the maiden down somewhat though, and that’s all I care for.” Mima paused for a second, “Still, the night’s not over yet, we still have someone else to come tonight, they’re already lat-“

Mima was cut off by a bang at the door, “Speak of the devil!” Marisa sung as she opened the door.

“Hello! Is this Mima’s place?!” The voice said loudly, but friendly.

“Yeah, who are you?” Marisa said, a little overwhelmed.

“Name’s Rika! Mima told me to come around about some plan or something like that.”

“She’s over there, I’m Marisa.”

“Alright then!” Rika walked into the room, showing herself, her clothes were relatively simple, a white shirt with various black stains smudged across it and red trousers, which were equally as dirty. Her appearance was also simple, long brown hair trailing behind her back and brown eyes to match. Marisa noticed as she walked by that she was carrying a large metallic box-like object, which appeared to be quite heavy.

“Good evening, Rika. Please take a seat.” Mima said, in a lighter tone then when the samurai was present.

Rika smiled and followed the order. Dropping the box onto the floor with a large crash. “Oops, sorry about that.”

“No problem.” Mima mumbled, “Now, let’s get to business, the plan for tomorrow night. You’ve been looking for a way to test your… mechanical skills, was it?”

“Yes.” Rika quickly said.

“A way to that will be handy for the both of us, will be, as ridiculous as it sounds, to attack the Hakurei Shrine.” Mima said with an evil grin.

Rika looked confused for a second, “You mean that old building on that hill?”

“The same. I want you to cause as much damage as possible. That’ll be your first test, your second, will be to fight the shrine maiden, she’s of… reasonable power, but certainly not unbeatable, so that will be your second and final test.” Mima explained with a serious face, hiding her smile.

“No problem, nothing beats a bit of technology!”

A voice came from behind Rika, “What’s technology mean? Is it some kind of magic?”

“Oh, no no no, it’s quite the opposite, Marisa!” Rika kicked the box slightly, causing it to open and revealed a collection of various shaped pieces of metal. The girl reached into the box and picked out various pieces, “Let’s see, what can we make.” Rika paused for a minute in thought before jumping slightly, “I know!”

Rika began place pieces next to each other, before using another bit of metal to seemingly stick them together before layering more and more, only raising Marisa’s confusion, finally after a few minutes she had finished.

“This, is the wonders of technology!” Rika moved slightly, showing Marisa the now assembled creation.

Marisa continued to look confused, “What’s it do?”

“This!” Rika shouted excitedly, Pressing a button on the side, the weird creation suddenly made a loud sharp bang, followed by the sound of Mima’s window smashing. “Ah hell, sorry about that! It was a bit more powerful then I thought!”

Mima only sighed, “Fine, just make sure you succeed tomorrow.”

“Of course!” Rika replied. “Anyway, it’s late, and my ultimate creation isn’t even done yet!”

Mima looked puzzled, “And that is?”

“Top secret, even to you, Mima!” Rika laughed as she left through the door, “See you around!”

As she shut the door behind her, Mima swore she heard the mechanic say, “Now, if I put it on the south road, I bet she’ll run right into my trap!” But Mima decided it was just her imagination.

“Is that it?” Marisa asked out of the blue.

“Yes, it is. I thought it would have taken longer then it did. Anyway, you need to get some sleep now, tomorrow’s the big day.” Mima smiled at her apprentice.

“Alright, g’night Lady Mima!”

“Good night.”

As Marisa left the room, Mima turned around and stared out of one of the unbroken windows. “After all this time, we’ve finally come to the conclusion, once and for all.”

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