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Almost a year passed as Marisa quickly learned magic, in a few months she was at the point where she was able to help Mima designing her spells, to a small extent though still unaware of the overall aim of Mima’s plan which was only a day away.

“Hey, Lady Mima?” Marisa asked.


“All this work you’ve been doing, and leaving to see things, what’s it all for?”

Mima sighed, “Well, I guess I should tell you... I gather you know Reimu Hakurei?”

“Oh yeah! Everyone knows her, we used to be best friends, before I ran away, anyway.”

“Well… I’m planning on causing her… downfall, if you want to call it that.” Mima explained with a hint of regret, hearing Marisa’s history with her.

“You mean you wanna kill her?” Marisa interrupted, saying it as though it was a normal thing.

“If it comes to it… I guess so, it’d be nice not to though.” Mima continued talking.

Marisa asked a question quickly, “Why’d you want to kill her then?”

“In short, Reimu’s ancestor killed me, and only by using her powers can I resurrect myself and get my life back.”

“Why do you want to be alive again? There’s nothing wrong with what you are now, is there?” Marisa asked inquisitively.

Mima paused for a moment, “That’s a good question, and I wish I knew the full answer myself. But there’s just something just drives me for that aim, and it would be nice to live what you’d call ‘A normal life’ peacefully. I never got the chance.”

“I… see…” Marisa replied, a little confused.

Mima rose her voice slightly, “Still, I’m not expecting you to help, if Reimu is your friend, then I won’t force you to even face her. I know what fighting your closest friend is like…” Mima’s voice drifted off along with her thoughts, back to the times she lived once again.

“It’s alright.” Marisa replied.

“What?” Mima rapidly replied.

“I’ll help you fight Reimu.” Mima opened her mouth to speak before she was interrupted, “But, I don’t want to kill her or anything, but there’s nothing stopping me from wearing her down is there?” Marisa winked.

“I… A-alright, I’ll let you fight then.” Mima spoke shakily, not used to the kindness of others.

“There’s no ‘Let me’ about it! I’m fighting and that’s final!” The witch spoke arrogantly.

Mima smiled back, “Okay, okay.” Mima walked backward to the table she worked at, “But you need an extra edge, which is where this comes in.” Mima reached for the single book on the table and presented it to Marisa.

“This is… the spell you’ve been working on? You mean it’s finally finished?!” Marisa shouted in interest.

“I think so, try and cast it and see what you think.” Mima invited.

Marisa flicked through the book to the appropriate page before placing it on the table. Looking down on the book she read the incantation out while moving her arms to form the spell’s pattern, adding in the middle, “This spell takes ages to cast!”

”Well, hopefully it’ll be worth it then.” Mima replied.

Soon, a red orb appeared next to Marisa and began orbiting her, “Wow, it works! This is awesome!” Marisa paused for a second, “What’s it do?”

With a sigh, Mima walked forward to her apprentice, “Can’t you feel it? First of all, it’s amplifying your magic, should give us a bit more power to play with, then they’re the physical feature of it, if that orb hits someone then they’ll know about it, the concentrated magic makes it quite nasty to be struck by.”

Mima quickly summoned a small orb of energy and fired it at Marisa, “Lady Mima! What are you…?” Marisa flinched, preparing for the impact, though after a few seconds she looked up. “Huh?”

“Another feature, is that it blocks magic, and can take quite a lot of damage before the spell breaks, then you’ll just have to cast it again.” Mima explained further.

Marisa got a glint of inspiration in her eye, “Well, it’s a pretty cool spell, but there’s one thing wrong about it.”

Slightly surprised, Mima asked, “What?”

Reaching for a pen, Marisa flipped the book a few pages back and crossed it out completely despite Mima’s complaints, “What are you doing?!”

“Making it better!” Marisa shouted while rewriting the page at an impressive rate.

Mima could only wait, slightly worried while the witch kept switching between writing and crossing the same writing out.

Eventually, the witch gave a small cheer, “Finished!”

“What did you do to it?” Mima inquired.

“Watch and see!” The witch said enthusiastically before casting the spell again, after ten seconds later, the red orb formed around her, along with three others, a blue, a green and a yellow. “You see, the orb was too small to do that physical stuff effectively, if you spread it around you, then it’s going to block more stuff, right!”

“I see, yes, that’s quite impressive, Marisa. Well done.” Mima patted Marisa on the head as she watched the clock. “And it would look like it’s almost time.”

“Time for what? Lady Mima?” Marisa asked, puzzled.

“Time for our visitors to arrive, the ones who will be helping us with my plan tomorrow.”

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