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“Welcome back.” A voice sounded, ominously.

“Huh, welcome to what?” Mima replied, finding herself in a pitch-black area, which even her magic couldn’t seem to shift.

A giggle echoed around her before the reply came, “Welcome back to the world of… self-control, of being civilised, sanity, though that’s quite questionable.” The voice giggled again.

“Show yourself!” Mima commanded.

Yet another giggle filled the air, “Not just yet.”

“Stop playing games! I have no time for this!” The spirit shouted.

“Oh, you do, you’re dead, and a free soul at that, you have all the time in the world!” The voice laughed eerily.

Mima, losing her temper shouted out, “What the hell do you want with me!?”

“Just observing you, I hadn’t guessed you’d change so much.” The voice took a more serious tone, “Last time I checked you, you were a senseless raging lunatic out for death and destruction, and now look. You’re rational and back to normal, for lack of a better word, and you’ve even started to look after a little girl, how cute.”

Closing her eyes, Mima paused and then spoke calmly, “We’ve met before haven’t we? I recognise your voice, too much.”

The voice once again laughed, “Yes, we have, and just for you, I’ll put you out of your misery and show you who I am.”

A silhouette glowing white appeared in front of Mima, causing her to shield her eyes as they adjusted for a moment, slowly the light began to fade, finally making the figure visible.

The first thing Mima noticed was an umbrella or similar object in the person’s hand, waiting impatiently and with anticipation she spoke, “Can’t you hurry it up?”

“Can’t you tell who I am yet? You’re foolish if you haven’t guessed.” The voice returned to giggling.

The light suddenly dispersed revealing the person who was hiding all along, “You!? But-“

“Lady Mima! It’s time for magic!”

Mima sprung up from the chair she was in to see Marisa standing in from of her, with the witch hat returned on her head.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” Mima shouted.

Marisa took a step back, “S-sorry Lady Mima, I thought you said sleep wasn’t important to you.”

“No, it’s not that. I was just having an… interesting dream. Nothing to worry about.” Mima stood up and smiled weakly, “Now, like I said I would, I’ll teach you how to use magic.” Marisa jumped into a chair and waited eagerly while Mima flicked through a few books, finding the one she wanted, she picked it up and threw it in front of Marisa.

“I guess you’ll want to start with the practical work first, so we have to start with the easy stuff.” Mima turned around, “Have you managed to tap into your magical energy yet?”

Marisa replied with a blank look. “No? Well, that’s the first thing then. Concentrate deeply or try to think really hard, something like that, engage your mind.”

Marisa closed her eyes, furrowing her brow as she tried to follow what Mima set. “Feel any different?” Mima asked.

“No, my head hurts though.” Marisa complained.

Mima sighed, “Well, try and make the magic active, you know yourself best, do what you think will let your energy loose.”

Marisa concentrated again, closing her eyes for a minute, eventually opening them, her golden eyes almost seemed to have intensified and the grin on her face had reappeared, “I think that did it, either that or my brain just blew up.”

“So, what did you do?” Mima questioned.

“Think about cool stuff, like blowing things up and showing off.”

Mima shook her head in disbelief briefly before opening the book from earlier. “Well, there’s only one way to see if it worked.” The spirit opened the book to a page early in the book. “Easiest spell there is, creates a little beam of magic, can’t do anything with it, but it’s a starting point.”

Marisa jumped up, “So what do I do!?”

“Well, you have to move your arm in this pattern.” Mima pointed to a simple triangle on the book, “While muttering these words.” Mima moved her finger down the page, pointing to a couple of words.

Less then a second after explaining, Marisa jumped and tried to cast the spell with no result.

“You have to concentrate like you did before, magic without magic energy is a little useless.”

Attempt after attempt passed with failure as Marisa started to lose her temper and Mima had started to read a book near her when a small bolt of energy pierced through it, just missing her hand.

“Alright! I did it!” Marisa jumped in the air with joy.

“Yes, you did. Congratulations.” Mima smiled, while throwing the now-useless book at the wall.

“Let’s go onto the good stuff now! Explosions, flying, cool magic!” Marisa shouted.

“You have to go one step at a time, I can’t have you blowing yourself up.” Mima complained

“Fine, fine, but hurry up!” Marisa demanded.

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