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On the way, the girl started to talk out of the blue, “You know, my dad told me a story once about someone called Mima, she was really evil and killed people including my great-great-great-something grandpa. It’d be pretty funny if you were her.”

“Yes, wouldn’t it.” Mima feigned laughter.

It’s good to hear I actually killed him.

“Well, here we are.” Mima held her arm out, presenting her ancient house.

The girl suddenly shouted, “What! You live here?!”

Mima sighed again, “Yes, I do. Let me guess, you were told stories by your parents that the house is evil?”

“Well, yeah… So that means… you really are that Mima from the stories… It’s not as funny as I thought it would be…” Marisa spoke in a confused tone.

“Correct, I’m the evil being known as Mima, here to kill everyone and all that from the story.”

Marisa replied with a laugh, “For some reason, you don’t seem all that bad.” The girl’s voice remained positive, “Does that mean you know magic!?”

“Correct again.” Showing off, Mima caused the door of the house to open from a distance, before causing the house to light up by itself. Heading into the house, Mima caused a fire to light in the fireplace. “Is that alright?”

Mima noticed the girl’s mood had improved more upon seeing the magic, “Yeah! Magic’s great!” The girl suddenly went quiet, “Say, could you kinda… teach me how to use magic? Not this kind of stuff, but real magic, you know, magic that can defeat youkai, let you fly across the sky and stuff like that.”

Mima drifted over to Marisa and stared into her golden coloured eyes, “Well, you seem to have magical potential…” Marisa’s face suddenly lit up, “However, I think a test is in order before I teach you.” The girl’s expression suddenly reversed.

“What kind of test?”

“An important thing that magic requires is a good memory, after all, if you can’t remember an incantation or gesture, then you can’t use the spell, which means you’re useless.”

“So…?” The girl replied slowly.

Mima flicked through a few of the dust-covered books on a shelf. “So, your test will be… to recite the first 50 digits of Pi, unaided.”

“Of what!?” The girl instantly complained.

“Pi, it’s a mathematical number.” Mima picked up a book and opened it to a page before handing it to Marisa. “Mathematics also plays a part in magic, especially if you want to make your own spells sometime.”

The girl replied with another complaint, “What!? This is stupid! This is unfair!”

“Life is unfair, but you have to live with it.”

For the rest of the evening, Marisa continuously read the book and tried to recite the numbers, failing every time to Mima’s amusement.

“You’ll get there one day.” Mima encouraged. Marisa replied with a yawn, “Tired, kid? There’s a bed in the other room if you want it. It just might be a bit dusty.”

“Well, where are you going to sleep?” Marisa asked, confused.

“I’ll be alright, it’s not like missing sleep will kill me.”

The girl continued to look puzzled, “Huh?”

Mima sighed and lifted the bottom of her robe, revealing her wisp-like tail where her legs should have been. “I’m dead, sleep is just a form of entertainment.”

The girl yawned again, having not taken what was just said in correctly, “Whatever… Good night.” Before leaving the room.

After the girl had left, Mima sat back to wonder how on earth she’d managed to be looking after a child while planning on how to kill someone.

Putting the thought behind her, Mima went straight on to thinking about the more serious issue, making a list of possible magic spells and overall plans for her attack on the shrine.

Before she knew it, Marisa called out while entering the room, “’Morning.”

“Oh, hello again. Sleep well?”

Marisa raised her voice, almost shouting, “3.14159265358979323846264…” Slowly her voice drifted off, losing its volume. Suddenly she gave a growl of frustration and admitted her defeat.

“Not bad though, you’ll get there one day.” Mima smiled back, after looking at the girl for a moment, Mima realized something, “You know, there’s nothing for you to eat or anything here. Like it or not, you’ll have to go to the village… I don’t have any money either, so it might be hard to keep a low profile.”

Marisa interrupted confidently, “Easy, I know a guy who works with my family, he can get me stuff and he’ll keep quiet.” Before Mima knew it, Marisa was halfway out the door.

“What are you going to do about the youkai!?” Mima shouted after her.

Marisa spun around and grinned, “Don’t worry! I can run fast!” Without another word, the girl quickly disappeared into the trees.

“She’s certainly bursting with energy...” Mima said with a sigh before returning to her magical studies.

A few hours passed, and bored from the work looked out the window, “I wonder where that kid is?” Looking back down to the book she was reading and flicking a few pages back, she laughed to herself, “Probably made up with her family and returned home…”

Mima ran her pen down the page, scanning through the text before noticing something and scribbled it out, writing someone above it. Holding her arm out, Mima began to read what was wrote down and as she finished, a small red orb began to orbit around her. The spirit watched the orb for a few seconds before clicking her fingers, causing it to fade from existence and wrote something else down into her book. “Small and weak, but with a lot of potential, quite like humans.”

Mima jumped when she heard a bang from the door, followed by Marisa entering the room with a large pile of items, obstructing her vision. “Jeez, I must have hit every tree on the way here, twice!”

“That’s quite a lot of stuff you have there.” Mima commented.

With a wink she replied, “Yeah, well, it’s my parents stuff, so it’ll be mine when they’re dead anyway.”

Mima looked back bemused, “That’s quite unique logic.”

“Also, I got this!” Marisa shouted while she dug into one of the larger bags producing a large, typical looking witch hat and placed it on her head which looked almost like it was about to devour her. “I’ll be needing this!”

Mima walked over to the child and inspected the hat and snatched it off her head, “But not yet, you still have a test to pass remember?”

“Aww, please!” The girl begged.

“No, a deal is a deal.” Mima looked at the upset girl, “Besides, I’ll think you’ll do it soon.”

Marisa looked up, “You think?”

“Yeah, now if I was you, I’d use this time to be learning more.”

“Okay!” The girl sung, reaching for the book.

The afternoon passed quickly, with Mima returning to her work as Marisa continuously attempted to memorise the fifty-digit number, without success. Though it made Mima smile when she saw how fascinated Marisa was as she watched her testing the spell she was making.

After 30 or so attempts, Marisa finally gave up and left the room to go sleep. Taking the chance, Mima waited a few minutes and left the house to check the shrine and local area for anything new or worth noting. Unfortunately for Mima, there was neither, the village was as boring as it always was and Reimu Hakurei seemed to have gone to bed early.

Upon her return, Mima was greeted by the voice which she was getting used to hear, “Where you been?” Marisa was sitting at the table.

“Just a fly around, it’s not good to be stuck indoors all day. It’s not healthy.” Mima replied.

“Like health matters to you, you’re dead.” Marisa laughed.

“Anyway, what are you doing up at this time?” Mima turned the conversation around.

“Memorising, what else!” Marisa grinned again before closing her eyes. 3. 14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510!” Opening her eyes, Marisa looked at Mima expectantly.

Mima looked surprised for a second before grinning back, “Not bad. Quicker then I honestly thought you’d do it.”

“Does that mean that I-“

“Yes, I’ll teach you.” Mima interrupted.

Marisa cheered and hugged Mima, “Thanks, Lady Mima!”

Mima raised an eyebrow, “Lady… Mima? What’s with the polite behaviour?”

“Why not? You’re helping me after all.” Marisa explained excitedly.

Mima replied, waved her arms to tell Marisa to calm down, “If you say so, still, just call me Mima if you wish.”

“Can we start now?” Marisa asked, buzzing with energy.

“No.” Mima said sharply, “It’s past midnight, we’ll start in the morning, now go on, go to sleep.”

Disappointed, Marisa left the room, “Alright… See you tomorrow.”

“Good night.” Mima replied, strangely tired herself. “Maybe… a few hours sleep wouldn’t hurt.” Lying back in her chair, Mima closed her eyes and soon lost consciousness.

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