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Mima sighed, the years of forced solitude had started to take their toll on her, having regained her senses and self-control during her latest imprisonment, she was left confused rather then angry. Rather then being content with the thought of revenge in her mindlessness, she was aware of every minute passing and each one felt like an eternity.

What do I do now? Do I keep fighting; keep trying to destroy the Hakurei line? Should I just give up? Do the Hakurei’s deserve this? It was all their ancestor’s fault. Can I really live through another 100 years in this place? Mima kept asking herself the same questions, desperate to know what to do.

Eventually, she came to a final decision, “This is it, my final try. If I succeed, I’ll be resurrected and live a normal life, if not, I’ll end this cycle and just try to enjoy what I am now.”

But, let’s make things a little different this time. Mima grinned to herself as she started to plan ahead.

Finally, the day came when the seal trapping her in the unsettling realm was weakened enough for her to break it, taking care to only shatter a small part of the seal to remain undetected, Mima spied out to see a few figures, already in wait for her arrival.

“Let’s see, historians, journalist…” Mima’s eyes scanned between the individuals, “Ah, there’s the miko.” The spirit watched the latest shrine maiden, taking in every detail of her future opponent.

The latest maiden was still very young; possibly no younger then 10 however age has never stopped something from being powerful. The girl had long blackish-brown hair, draping behind her in a ponytail with a red ribbon tied on the top of her head. Her clothes were normal for shrine maidens, a white folding garment and a long red dress watching her ribbon.

Finished, Mima leaned back from the gap and waited, she didn’t want any attention on her for a while, so she continued to watch from her open prison until all the spectators had left in confusion. Mima continued to stay put until she saw the lights in the shrine disappear, most likely signifying that the miko was asleep.

Taking care to break open the seal, Mima was finally free from her prison and stretched in relief as the wind hit her refreshingly. Hastily, she made her way away from the shrine and into the woods following the route she followed so many years ago. In surprise Mima gasped when she saw that despite how many years had passed, her house still remained intact.

Hovering over to the windows to check for residents, she was relieved to see it was still empty and relatively untouched by time, as proven by the amount of dust in and around the house.

The spirit’s next stop was to look at the village, watching unseen from the trees, she saw that the village had grown in size, as expected, but it appeared and felt the same as it was when she left it, except that there was now youkai among them, which no-one seemed to be caring about.

Mima laughed to herself, “Well, it seems she was right, maybe the humans did adjust to things.”

Preferring to stay out of sight, Mima soon retreated back into the trees and returned to her old house, if no-one had been there in the hundreds of years that passed, then surely no-one would notice her.

Days passed as the returned spirit remained undetected by the current inhabitants of Gensokyo as she remained quiet, only encountering others through surveillance, primarily the current Miko of the Hakurei Shrine, looking for some sign of the power she had to adjust her plans accordingly. However there was little success, even at a promising age like hers where children are usually bursting with energy, instead the maiden preferred to leave the youkai alone and laze around the shrine, drinking tea amongst other things.

It must be a habit passed down the bloodline.

One, seemingly ordinary day, Mima was taken by surprise when she arrived in the grounds of the shrine to find it completely wrecked. Stone pillars had been knocked down, trees uprooted, even several sections of the shrine itself were damaged or falling apart.

At the last moment Mima noticed that the miko was leaving the area, walking directly into a group of trees, eager to learn what was going on, Mima pursued her at a distance.

As the shrine maiden wondered through the woods, she was attacked by several youkai, most likely related to the destruction. In reply to the attacks, the miko produced a single yin-yang orb, similar to the ones used by Murasaki and launched it at the group of youkai. It struck into the nearest one, disintegrating it upon impact before the orb bounced off, striking another youkai. As the orb began to lose it’s speed and power, the maiden dodged her way over to the floating orb and struck it with her gohei, seemingly renewing the orbs power allowing for more youkai to be fought and destroyed.

She’s only using one orb, are you telling me she’s lazy to the point she hasn’t trained at all? All the others in the Hakurei bloodline were able to use countless orbs. Mima criticized in her head, knowing the power that the orbs had and knowing how fatal they were in numbers.

Mima continued to follow the shrine maiden through the forest and before long; the girl entered a cave where she was attacked by more youkai who were promptly exterminated.

She seems to know where she’s going, anyway.

The cave was surprisingly bigger then Mima had expected, and as the two entered a large, lit chamber the girl suddenly spoke.

“What do you want? You’ve been following me for a while now.”

Impressive, she knew I was there all along.

Not hiding anything, Mima flew into plain sight before the shrine maiden. “I’m merely trying to work you out, who are you?”

The girl replied uninterested, “Reimu Hakurei, of the Hakurei Shrine, and I swear if you’re with those who trashed it, I’ll kill you.”

Mima grinned, “Oh, that’s quite threatening for someone your age.”

Unhappy with the reply, the girl threw the yin-yang orb at Mima who quickly dodged out of the way.

Fine, a little practice run then.

Mima started to fire back, sending several waves of dark projectiles at the miko who dodged between them while keeping the yin-yang flying at Mima. Grinning again, the spirit sent a larger wave of projectiles followed by several other beams of magic and was pleased to see that the girl dodged between the beams while reflecting the light-enchanted orb to dispel the weaker projectiles leaving her unscathed as the attack settled.

“Not bad, I can see you’re a true Hakurei.” Mima said happily.

She’s surprisingly powerful, especially for her level of magical energy. At least it’s a sign of what I’m dealing with.

The spirit threw some dummy waves of magic at Reimu, who continued to fight back, as the yin-yang flew at Mima, she purposely flew into it and using her magic to create a display producing beams of light she used it to make her exit, while hopefully making her look exterminated to the shrine maiden.

Mima quickly left the cave and headed on her way, confident that Reimu would complete whatever task she had planned in that cave.

As she returned home, another idea struck Mima. “Why do all the work myself, when I can get someone else to do it?” Mima laughed at her idea, there was sure to be beings in Gensokyo that want to test their powers or skills, making them do so against Reimu would just be killing two birds with one stone.

Wondering how and where she could find such people Mima’s thoughts were interrupted by a strange sound.

Is that… crying?

Hunting for the source of the noise, Mima looked around the forest for a moment before finding the source of the noise, a child huddled up beside a tree.

Before she could stop herself, Mima spoke out, “What’s up, kid?”

The child jumped in shock hearing the voice and looked up, revealing a young blonde haired girl with golden eyes. “Nothing… Go away.”

Mima raised an eyebrow, bemused at the situation. “There’s no need for that, if you’re lost, I guess I can take you back to the village.”

“No!” The girl shouted suddenly, “I’m not going back there.”

Mima laughed at the girl, “I see, so you’ve ran away from home, so how long are you expecting to survive before you get killed?”

The girl paused, “I-I don’t know.”

“Come on, what could be so bad that you risk your life to run away from home?” Mima hovered in the air besides the girl.

“My stupid family… They won’t let me use magic… They just want me to be boring and work in the shop with everyone else.” The girl coughed, “My mum said the family’s always been against it, so there’s no chance I’d be allowed to do it.”

The story sounded strangely familiar to Mima; someone who had the ability to use magic and wanted to use it, yet was surrounded by those who were against it.

“Tough luck, kid.” Mima sighed, reminded of her past, “I’ve heard that story before.”

“Huh?” The girl answered, confused,

Mima closed her eyes, “Never mind, anyway the matter at hand is that there are currently around 5 youkai watching us, and since I’m not in the mood to fight them, it would be best to leave, don’t you think?”

“You best not be thinking to dragging me back there!” The girl complained.

The spirit sighed, “Fine, suit yourself.”

You try and be good for once and they do nothing but complain…

“Okay, my house isn’t too far away from here, we’ll head there.” Mima started to slowly move away, waiting for the child. “What’s your name anyway, kid?”

“Marisa… Marisa Kirisame…”


Images of the horrible events from the past flashed though Mima’s eyes at the mention of the name.

That would explain her family’s reluctance against magic, with scum like him in the bloodline.

“I see, well, you may call me Mima. Now come on, let’s go.” Mima ordered, leading the girl away.

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