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“She’s here!” A voice called, bringing Mima to her senses.

Was that a dream?

Opening her eyes, Mima was shocked to see the scene in front of her; An almost colourless world, where she was looking down on her dead body, Murasaki Hakurei was cryin beside her and the source of the voice being the usual trio of villagers.

“She’s already dead! The miko killed her!” One shouted, sickening cheerfully.

“She did!?” Another villager put his arm around Murasaki, who pushed him away immediately.

Mima watched bitterly at the scene, as the humans cheered over her corpse, and her, in her seemingly shapeless ghostly form slowly felt herself being dragged away.

Struggling to keep herself composed in the whirlwind of emotions, the dead witch turned away, to freely go to where she was being taken, when she heard a line that pierced her soul.

“Ha, that girl’s death was worth it, wasn’t it?”

Kirisame grunted positively, more pleased about his kill then caring about the death of his child.

“You mean that you…!” Murasaki shrieked.

The men merely sneered before turning their backs to her and walking away, only to stop dead in their tracks when an incredible crash echoed around them.

“What the hell was that!?” One of them shouted in panic before he shook violently as a whip-like tendril pierced through his chest and threw his lifeless body into a tree.

“Forget this! I’m getting out of here!” Another shouted before running in the opposite direction, straight into a cloud of darkness, as it mist faded it left only a skeleton on the floor.

The final villager, Mr Kirisame, backed away from the scene and watched as the scattered darkness gathered around and merged with the body of his former target.

A few seconds passed though it felt like an eternity, “Is… that it?” The man took another step back, before another huge crash cracked through the air, causing him to fall to the floor. Looking up, he saw the sight of Mima rising out of her body, dressed completely different. Instead of the usual plain clothes, she was now wearing a long, baggy blue robes with a yellow trim along the edges and the odd shape, matching the robes was a pointed hat on her head, complimented by a large yellow sun covering part of it. Also, in her hand was a long metallic staff with a crescent moon at the end.

In terror, the man could only look at Mima’s devilish grin, “Well, now who’s fearing for their life?” The apparition laughed.

“Stay away from me, you… monster!” The man cowered in fear.

“No!” Mima lunged forward with her staff, catching the man’s neck in the crescent of the moon and lifting him in the air. Mima’s voice rose to a vicious scream, “The only monster here now, is you. You killed your child, purely so you could murder somebody else, especially since that ‘somebody’ had no reason to be die!” A bolt of darkness pierced straight through the shoulder of 'the man.

“How do you think your daughter felt? Killed, just so you could get rid of something that scared you. How do you think I felt!?” Another bolt blasted through his other arm, causing him to shout in pain.

“I made it clear I wasn’t going to hurt anyone, yet you continued and continued to hunt me down and find a way to kill me, and you succeeded, are you happy now!?”

The man shouted again as darkness covered one of his legs and shattered it, shortly followed by the other one.

Mima started to shout again, mixed with hysteria and insanity, “You’re a monster, and the world will be a better place without you, you took my life, and now I’ll take yours!”

As Mima was about to unleash her final blow, there was a flash of light, which sent her flyin backwards and to lose her grip on the man. Looking up, she saw Murasaki looking down on her.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, Murasaki!” The spirit shrieked.

“I can’t let you kill him, Mima.” The shrine maiden spoke disheartened.

“Why! They deserve it, they deserve more then this! They’ve killed for their own worthless benefit!”

“I… know they have, however, they need to be able to do things on their own, they need to learn from their mistakes and adjust to all these new things!”

“Silence! Your preaching makes no sense, not that I care anyway.” Mima began to walk forwards, towards the helpless human again, only to find Murasaki dive in the way. “Move out of the way and I’ll let you live.”

“No… I won’t let you kill him.” Murasaki spoke shakily.

Mima stopped momentarily before she shouted with the insanity returned, “Very well, I’ll kill you as well!” There was a silent pause for a moment, “Why, I think you told me once that your powers could potentially even bring back the dead, you have a use after all!”

Mima dispersed into a cloud of darkness and rose away from Murasaki before returning to her normal human form.

Looking down at Murasaki, the spirit merely smiled as dark orbs began to appear around and behind her. The miko jumped backwards and assumed a combat stance.

“Oh look, the miko’s actually going to fight back, you do surprise me.” Mima laughed, before she began grabbing the orbs and launching them at the maiden in rapid succession.

Murasaki ran to the side, weaving between the orbs as they struck the ground like meteors, sending sprays of dirt into the air. Jumping backwards as an orb hit the floor directly in front of her, the maiden reached into her robes and pulled out paper talismans, similar to the ones used on the magic around Mima’s house.

Skilfully, Murasaki threw the enchantments each one hitting an incoming orb, wiping both of them from existence. As Mima’s barrage returned to nothing, a final talisman flew past the others towards the spirit, though it met it’s early end as it was blocked by her staff.

Mima laughed, “That’s all you have? Bits of paper?” As the talisman stuck on the staff quickly lost it’s enchanted glow, Mima peeled it off and tore it into pieces before throwing it at the miko. “That’s what I think of it, useless scrap.”

“Mima, please…” Murasaki begged, “Just pass on quietly and let the humans adapt peacefully.”

“Stop being so damn enigmatic!” Mima shouted as she fell towards her staff poised to attack.

Rolling to the side, Murasaki drew more talismans and threw them at Mima, who countered by fire more orbs, again causing a stalemate. “It’s useless! I’m sure my power will last long then your paper!” At that point, Mima realized that Murasaki was out of sight.

Scanning the area, Mima looked around vigilantly before being somewhat surprised as Murasaki walked into view with nothing new, minus her gohei in her hand. “Another trick?” Mima mumbled.

Murasaki held her arms close to each other and mumbled something, light glittered and shined for a couple of seconds before an orb appeared in her hands.

Murasaki threw the orb at Mima who fired another ball of darkness to dispel it. At the last moment, Mima noticed the orb plough through the orb and dodged to the side, narrowly missing the incoming attack.

“Oh, you do have some power?” Mima gloated once more, “Well then!” Mima vanished from sight leaving Murasaki looking around, out of the corner of her eye, the Miko saw something move and ducked as a blade-like wave of darkness blasted over her.

As she recovered, she noticed a spot on the ground losing it’s colour, fading to black. Murasaki hastily moved away from the spot and watched as it exploded. Suddenly many more patches appeared like it, again causing the Miko to dodge between them carefully. Finally, Murasaki spotted Mima standing on the top of a tree and summoned several yin-yang orbs and launched them, catching her off-guard.

Mima shrieked a little in panic and then pain as the yin-yangs struck her with surprising power, leaving her breathing heavily on the floor. “You… do surprise me.”

Murasaki grinned at attaining the upper hand, “Will you go now?”

Mima grinned back, “Of course… not.” Before laughing maniacally as she rose into the air and spouted two black wings.

“Fine, but know I won’t go lightly on you, even if we were… best friends once.

Mima sneered, “Ha, and then what happened? You killed me. Thanks, I owe you one.” She ended sarcastically. “But enough of this, time’s up!” Mima laughed, as the wings grew larger and larger and more out of shape until it was just a large mass blocking the sky. “Farewell, friend.” The dark mass suddenly glowed brightly, almost blindingly, a few seconds passed, feeling like an eternity to Murasaki before Mima clicked her fingers causing an enormous explosion.

Mima merely floated in the air, laughing senselessly at the destruction as the wall of light blasted at the earth in the form of a giant wave of energy.

As the blast finally subsided and the dust settled, Mima’s eyes widened with shock slightly to see Murasaki still standing in the centre of the newly-formed crater, swaying slightly with her arm extended holding her gohei.

Mima screamed, “How?!” Descending from the sky, Mima floated towards Murasaki as she fell onto one knee and leaned against her gohei.

Mima spoke quietly, “You should be dead.”

Murasaki coughed slightly, “Well, if you used that all the time, I would have seen why the humans feared you so much.” Murasaki laughed.

Mima, not quite so cheerful spoke harshly, “Are you going to die peacefully or am I going to have to kill you right now?”

The wounded maiden closed her eyes as Mima walked in front of her.

“Well then, look what I have to finish things.” Mima flashed the knife that took her life in front of Murasaki, who was still motionless.

The spirit stared suspiciously at the maiden who dived up at Mima without warning.

“…Sealing boundary!” Murasaki shouted as she jumped up and tackled Mima.

“What are you up to you…” Mima froze with shock as behind her she saw herself falling into a red object she’d never seen before and it was too late to react.

The maiden smiled at Mima, who was now through the crimson-ish portal, unable to escape, “Enjoy your little prison, you’ll be spending some time in there to think about what you’ve done.”

Mima fired attack after attack at where Murasaki stood, through the tear-like opening with little effect, after a scream of fury, her former friend spoke quietly, “Goodbye, Mima.” Closing the entrance, leaving Mima alone.

Mima looked around at her surroundings, which consisted of nothing but red and black colours and something that Mima found uncomfortable, even in her unstable state. Hundreds of red eyes in all directions, staring at her and never blinking.

Mima floated awkwardly for a few seconds before screaming again, “Stop looking at me!” Casting a spell quickly, she surrounded herself in a cloud of darkness, in the comfort of the pitch-black surroundings; Mima was left to think about everything.

Trivial irrelevant thoughts like “Why did this happen to me.” were quickly ignored, replaced by something more important; getting out of this prison and killing the humans which caused her so much misery. This prison wouldn’t hold her forever, eventually she’d find a weakness and escape and make the humans, and especially Murasaki Hakurei suffer.

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