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As Mima walked away from the shrine, and began to descend the hill down into the forest, the sound of rustling leaves filled the air.

“Speak of the devil.” Mima quietly mumbled.

Moving over in front of the bush the sound came from; Mima stood still waiting for the inhabitant to move, to little success.

Not in the mood to play around, Mima shouted, “Whoever is hiding, make themselves known in 5 seconds or I’ll kill you.”

“1… 2… 3…” Mima summoned a bolt of energy, which snaked around her arm. “4…”

“Fine, fine, here we are.” Mima wasn’t surprised to see the man from before, Mr Kirisame rising from the bush. However she was more surprised to see another two men rise from other bushes around her.

“What the hell do you want with me?” Mima hissed.

“At the minute, nothing...” The man paused, “In general, dead.” Kirisame spat in her face.

Mima stayed composed and took a step back, keeping to Murasaki’s wishes, “Why, in Hakurei’s name, would you want that, you and I both know I didn’t murder your child.”

“Because you’re a freak, a monster, you control and live in darkness, you’re no better then those damn youkai.”

He’s making no sense at all. Mima wondered to herself.

“Anyway, we have no time for dirt like you, we have other things to attend to.” Shoving Mima out of the way and into the dirt, the three men walked away towards the shrine.

“The shrine…” It didn’t take long for Mima to realize what they had set off to do. “Trying to turn her against me now? Have you no shame?” She mumbled to herself.

Fortunately, the walk back to her house from then on was uneventful, but Mima guessed at one thing, that group were going to try something soon, so something would have to be done, Mima stood in thought for a moment before talking to herself, “I know what will stop them.” With a grin, Mima stepped into her house and waved her arm, utilising the magic, which came to her so naturally.

Within seconds, her entire house was covered in a wall of darkness, nothing, not even light could work its way into the house without her say-so. “Well then, let us have a waiting game.”

As Mima had thought, the few humans from the previous encounter appeared after some time, with surprised expressions at the sight they saw. After talking amongst themselves, they tried to get past the wall before them to little success, after conversing once more; they left, occasionally looking back at their target.

Mima laughed out loud, “So, what’s your next plan then?” Walking over to the window with a smile, Mima remained happy over her victory; using the thing they feared she managed to deter them without any complications.

Minutes turned to hours as Mima stood on guard with no sign of any human activity so the witch sat back in her chair and grinned again, “Looks like I might be getting some peace and quiet now.” However soon enough, her thoughts were interrupted by a sound she’d heard before.

A crowd? No… don’t tell me…

Jumping out of her chair and looking out of the window presented the sight she feared, a crowd, consisting of most of the village, like the day before.

The three ringleaders were barking out at the other villagers, though whatever they were saying was completely incomprehensible to Mima.

Alright, you can have numbers and make everyone hate me, but you still can’t get past magic! Mima’s voice shouted in her head, but something was telling her something bad was going to happen, again.

Everyone outside stood still and inactive for a moment, before the three in charge walked up to the house and once again tried to get past the wall, again to little success.

Kirisame talked to the man beside him who reached into his coat and pulled out something Mima couldn’t quite make out.

What is it? I swear I’ve seen it before.

The human then walked up to the wall, closer to where Mima stood, allowing her to see it.

Damn! Mima dived away from the wall as a ray of light blasted down upon where her wall once stood.

The noise outside rose, coming from the mob that was now charging at the newly formed entrance into the house. Making a retreat, the witch ran to the other side of the house while trying to think of a plan, only to have her thoughts taken by panic.

How the hell did they get a talisman!? Only Murasaki has them! She hasn’t betrayed me… has she?

A swarm of villagers swarmed into the room, some smirking at their apparent catch. In desperation, Mima summoned all the darkness that formed the wall around the house and spread it out, causing the entire area to be pitch black.

“Block the exit! Don’t let her escape!” The villagers fumbled around trying to find Mima and listen for clues when the sound of a window smashing echoed through the room.

“What are you waiting for!? Get after her!” Another voice ordered.

Running as fast as she could, Mima ran away from her house and up the hill she travelled every day. “I don’t want it to end like this… but… if it must, I… want to know the truth about those talismans…”

A small rock hidden in the darkness caused Mima to tumble to the ground and for the first time, Mima wept.

Why did those fools have to do this, I just wanted to live, damn it. If anyone should die, it should be them… not me...

Picking herself up and making paying little attention to the state she was in, Mima persisted up the hill until finally she stood before the shrine.

Stepping forward, Mima spoke to herself quietly, “Come on, where are you, Murasaki?”

“M-Mima? Is that you?” A startled voice sounded from the building, a few seconds later Murasaki came into view.

Murasaki walked forward and saw the horrific, almost frightening sight of the state Mima was in. “What the hell is going on?”

“You should know, you helped those damn barbarians.” Mima spat back.

“Explain.” Murasaki ordered.

“Those damn humans from before, they’re out to kill me, and what’s more is that they used your talismans in order to get to me!” Mima shouted hysterically.

Murasaki sighed, “They still haven’t learnt, what a tragedy.”

Mima raised an eyebrow, “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, come here, you look a mess.” Murasaki smiled weakly and held her arms out, as to offer a hug.

Mima stumbled towards Murasaki and buried her head in Murasaki’s shoulder, “I… just want to live a peaceful li-“

Mima cut off as it felt like she’d just been punched in the stomach, but she knew what it was, and that it was much worse.

“Why…” Looking down at the knife protruding from her, the witch grabbed and pulled it out of her before falling to the floor.

“It’s just not… fair…” Mima took a final look at Murasaki whose face was also covered in tears, before her strength disappeared completely causing her to fall down limp.

“I’m… sorry… it’s all I can do.” Murasaki apologised.

Closing her eyes, Mima felt like she was falling asleep, and welcomed the feeling.

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