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There was an awkward pause where both sides remained still and silent, until Mima quietly spoke, “Can… I help you?”

A man shouted in an arrogant, vicious tone, “Try doing something good and bring her back to life!” A section of the crowd parted revealed the body of a girl on the floor.

Mima gasped and ran over to the body, “Don’t act like you haven’t seen it before.” The man from before added.

“E-Excuse me?” Mima asked, disturbed at what was said.

“I know you’ve seen her before, my daughter… You killed her!” The man continued to fill with rage, accusing Mima.

“I’m sorry about her, but I didn’t do anything. If you look at the wounds, it looks like a youkai attack, the wounds are physical.” Mima looked again, “These could be teeth marks, or a knife wound, it’s hard to tell.”

The man looked confused, “Your point?”

“My point is that I use magic as you know, and it’s completely different.” A tendril of darkness appeared around Mima causing the crowd to take a step back. The tendril floated aimlessly before striking her on the back of her hand leaving a small white burn-like patch, which she presented to the crowd. “As you can see, it works completely differently.”

The crowd started to murmur between each other, “How can we trust you!? In my eyes, you’re the killer, so of course you’d make an excuse!” The man continued to fight, “In the name of the Kirisame family, I will not let you get away with this!”

Mima stared at the man, for some reason, he appeared to have a complete hatred of her even with a lack of evidence, it was fair for him to be mad, since his child had just been found dead, but something about the event seemed wrong.

Since the man had appeared to have no more arguments, the crowd started to disperse, mumbling like a shocked jury, taking the girl with them who was eventually followed by the man. Soon, Mima was the only person left, who gave a sigh of relief, before she turned back into her house and collapsed onto a chair.

In a daze, with the previous events spinning in her head Mima sat down at the table and buried her head in her hands and began to relive the scene…

Someone, or something had killed a child from the village, and for some reason, the blame was falling onto her, the only piece of potential evidence being the location, not even the cause of death matched with her.

Yet still, that human seemed almost… overzealous in an attempt to make me guilty.

The sight of seeing his aggression continue while the spectators had already lost their interest in the situation appeared in Mima’s mind again and again.

Something’s not right about this.

Mima laughed half-heartedly at the irony of her thought, “Okay, maybe nothing is right.” She spoke out loud.

Leaning back in her chair, Mima started to think about other things, regarding the future. There was no way she was going to be left alone for a while, the pure anger in the accuser’s eyes, “Mr Kirisame” was enough to prove that, yet the choices for herself seems close to nothing, fleeing was out of the question, diplomacy would obviously go nowhere and eliminating the source was completely out of the question.

A moment of silence was shattered by Mima striking the table with her fist, followed by the crashing of pottery hitting the floor, Mima looked up and laughed insecurely, “Fine, if you want to play your stupid little game, then play away.”

Mima soon returned to her regular schedule, which primarily consisted of visiting the shrine for most of the day. As she arrived she was greeted by Murasaki who was waving with one arm while holding something green in the other.

“Good afternoon Mima! Look!” Murasaki jumped up from where she was usually sat and stuck the object in Mima’s face. “Look, it hatched!”

Mima stared at the creature since it was staring back, “I see, it’s a turtle.” Mima pushed it back slightly to give her some space. “So, have you named it yet?”

“Genjii.” Murasaki spoke, “I thought of it earlier.”

Mima nodded half-interested, still looking at the turtle, which was continuing to stare back, “I see.”

The rest of the afternoon consisted of talking and drinking tea as it usually did, with the addition of continuing the staring contest with the new turtle and being bit by it when it had the chance.

After being bit for the 5th time, Mima groaned, “It’s a vicious little thing, I thought we’d be friends by now.” Before finishing her cup of tea.

“I think he does really, but hating and biting you is probably more fun.” Murasaki laughed.

Mima giggled a little and added, “That would seem to be a popular thing at the moment.” Mima sighed a little, “The hating, not the biting, that is.”

Murasaki’s expression turned serious, “So I’ve heard, accused of murder by the village. Please, tell me your side of the story.”

Feeling slightly threatened by the violet-eyed gaze of her friend, Mima started, “There’s not much to say, really. I woke up, and there was the angry mob waiting for me to leave the house. I slept through the whole thing.” Mima laughed in her mind at how weak the alibi sounded.

“Did you know the girl who was killed?” Murasaki continued, still serious.

“Well, yes. She was one of the kids who used to visit my house every now and then, to see magic in action and all that kind of stuff.” Mima paused for a second, “No reason to kill her.” Mima added while laughing nervously.

Murasaki’s gaze continued for a few more seconds before completely changing back to her usual smiling self, “Okay, I believe you.”

Mima gave a sigh of relief and straight after she was hit around the back of her head, “And don’t joke about such horrible things!” Murasaki’s voice rung in her ears.

“Yes, ma’am.” Mima groaned sarcastically.

The few hours before sunset passed quickly, and it wasn’t long before Mima got up to leave, “Well, I should go home now, if that thing bites any more, I won’t have a finger left.” Mima said, nursing her finger, which was now covered in a bandage.

“Okay, have a safe journey home.” Murasaki stood up, “Why don’t you give your new friend a kiss goodbye!” Mima once again found herself face to face with Genjii.

“I’ll pass, I’m quite fond of my nose, and I don’t really want it ripped off my face.”

Murasaki laughed, “Okay, okay. Well, I’ll see you around.”

Mima started turned her back to Murasaki, “Yeah, see you tomorrow, as always.”

“Oh, and one more thing.”

“Hmm? What?”

“Don’t let those villagers bother you, but don’t do anything to them, how can I say it… they haven’t adapted to things yet…”

The hell is she talking about?

“Yeah, whatever. If they don’t bother me, I won’t bother them.” Mima said as she started to walk away.

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