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Mima grinned, “You wouldn’t have seen a witch and a miko around here would you? We’ve… lost them and we need to find them.”

The girl looked pained for a moment, “Yeah, I’ve seen them; they caught me off-guard and got past me… But I can’t let you do the same! I’m meant to be guarding this place!”

“Interesting, we’ll be going now.” Yuka spoke uninterested and tried to walk by, before the pink haired guard held out her arm and blocked the way.

“I said no.”

“And I said we’ll be going!” Yuka shouted, with a hint of anger as she delivered a kick to the guard’s side.

Even half-asleep, she’s terribly violent.

Flying backwards, Sara caught herself on the wall and threw herself back at Yuka swinging her arms as she flew causing rows of bright orbs to fly along with her. With a bemused look, Yuka stood still as the bullets approached, and they miraculously all flew by her. “Your aim is a little off.”

Growling, Sara jumped into the air, summoning more and more rows of bullets, hurling them at the youkai who just smiled back, almost waltzing between the bullets. “Ready to fight yet?” Yuka gloated.

“Stop…” The guard spoke, diving at Yuka, “Taunting me!” Sara suddenly fired a large amount of bullets right at Yuka as she approached her. However Yuka’s expression didn’t change as she quickly leapt to the side as the barrage struck the floor, sending up a cloud of dust.

Laughing again, Yuka watched as Sara was landing on the ground, “Take this!” The guard suddenly shouted as she hit the ground and immediately pounced at Yuka in a flash, “Try dodging this! You…” Sara cut off as Yuka leant back almost horizontally as Sara flew over her, noticing the devilish grin in Yuka’s face, Sara braced herself but immediately felt a strong pain in her stomach as well as her motion stopping.

“Wha… what?” Sara spoke quietly as she looked down, to see Yuka’s parasol stuck in her, holding her in the air.

“I think you lost.” Yuka whispered into her ear before swinging her parasol sideways, putting her foot against Sara and kicked her off the parasol, into a wall.

“Come on, Miss Hakurei Deity, let’s go.” Yuka sung as she walked away, further into the cave.

Slightly shocked what just happened, Mima stepped forward, “You know, that really was overkill you know, she wasn’t that powerful…” She mentioned slightly.

Yuka merely laughed for a moment, “It’s all for fun, why not do it?”

Mima paused for a moment, when two lasers appeared, surrounding Yuka. “You won’t enter Makai!” The voice of the guard called, from the source of the lasers.

Suddenly, hordes of bullets began to fire between the two lasers heading towards Yuka, who continued to smile. “Still fighting? Maybe this was, worth my time.”

Weaving between the bullets Yuka effortless dodged until she got near the end of the laser wall, and leapt into the air above Sara, opened her parasol and firing a multitude of thin lasers at her, promptly causing the bullets and beam-wall to disappear and then as though nothing had happened, Yuka her arm out towards where Sara was guard, “Shall we head on?”

As the two walked down the tunnel, Yuka was humming a slow tune to herself when Mima spoke, “You have some power there.”

“Of course, what did you expect?” She spoke quickly, before returning to her humming.

Mima just looked puzzled for a moment, before continuing on down the passage, until eventually, the tunnel came to a stop. “Oh, a teleport of some kind.” Mima spoke.

“What?” Yuka spoke out, as though she was daydreaming.

“There’s a teleport spell that on this altar, this must be the way in.” Mima explained.

“Well then, let’s go!” Yuka shouted as she leapt onto the altar, and promptly disappeared.

Mima sighed, “She’s almost as much as a handful as Marisa. That could well have been trapped.”

Without saying anything else, Mima hovered up onto the stone altar and touched the rune, causing the scenery around her to change.

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