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Mima opened an eye, followed by the other and noted she was in her own house in the forest. Slowly her mind started to work and she recalled the events last night, a night of magical testing turned into live-fire practice when Mima and Marisa found a group of seemingly timid youkai, but didn’t want to take the risk and used them for target practice.

“Marisa! You still here?” Mima yelled.

There was no reply. “She’s already at the shrine at this time?” Mima dozily looked at the clock which showed 12:30. “How the hell did I sleep? I’m going to be late!” As Mima quickly straightened her robes and collected her hat, she thought that there wasn’t anything to be late for, but continued to rush anyway.

Drifting above the trees of the forest to wake her up, Mima soon arrived at the shrine which once again looked like a warzone with damage everywhere, and oddly enough, what looked like a pile of clothes heaped by the shrine. Reimu and Marisa stood in the centre, the former looking unhappy.

“So, what fun’s gone off here? Had a fight between you?” Mima laughed as she dropped down from the sky.

The miko replied, “Don’t tell me you didn’t notice all the youkai running around lately!”

Mima paused, “No, not really, I haven’t been looking; it’s not my job to hunt for them.” She replied with a sly grin.

Before Reimu could reply abusively, Marisa cut in, “Hey, well, you’re just in time Lady Mima!”

“For what?” Mima asked curiously.

“Our journey to stop them, of course! You slept through the last one!” Marisa continued enthusiastically.

“Oh, yes. That time.” Mima recalled her encounter with Murasaki.

“Well, shall we go then?” Mima questioned.

Reimu shook her head, “We’re doing things a little differently this time.”

“What?” Mima said, puzzled.

“We don’t know where they’re coming from specifically, so we decided we’d go in pairs, that way we can search twice the amount!”

Mima looked sceptical with an eyebrow raised, “A pair means two, and don’t get me if I’m wrong, but there’s only three of us, four if you count the turtle, but little miss Miko’s not good enough to by herself.” Mima evilly grinned.

Once again, Marisa cut in before Reimu, “Yea-yeah…” Marisa looked around, “Hey Reimu, there is only three of us.”

“There’s one more.” Reimu spoke, before pointing towards the shrine, “You’re with her, now come on Marisa.”

As Marisa was being pulled away she shouted, “Race you there Lady Mima, bet we beat them before you do!”

Mima slowly floated over to the shrine, looking for whoever Reimu pointed out.

There’s no-one here. Nothing but this broken statue, shrine wall and… this pile of clothes.

Suddenly it hit Mima, it wasn’t a pile of Reimu’s red and white clothes, it was someone curled up asleep.

Bemused by the situation, Mima used her staff to poke the sleeper, causing muffled speech, “Mfh, leave me alone… I’m trying to sleep…”

Grinning, Mima continued to poke the girl until she started to stir. “Go away… what do you want...?”

Eventually, the girl sat up, causing a cascade of long green hair to flow in the wind slightly, before she yawned, “Who… who are you?” She spoke, quietly, and barely awake.

Mima stood in a formal position and spoke in a boastful voice, “I’m Mima, and I’m the deity of this shrine.”

“Really?... Didn’t think there was a god here…” The girl yawned again.

“Yes, well there is, standing in front of you.” Mima spoke impatiently.


There was an awkward pause, where Mima stood as the girl yawned once more. “So… what do you want then?” The girl mumbled.

“I was told by Reimu that we were meant to be going together to fight some youkai, and stop the source of them all.” Mima explained impatiently.

“Fighting… you say? Sounds fun.” The girl suddenly picked up at that sentence.

“Yes, now are you coming along or are you going to fall back asleep?” Mima complained.

“Of course I’m coming!” Suddenly in a burst of energy, the girl jumped off the floor, grabbed an object nearby, which turned out to be a parasol and stood ready. “Yuka Kazami.”

Mima was half-surprised at her sudden burst of energy, “Okay then… I guess we should leave now, Reimu and Marisa have already had a head start.”

“Of course we should, we’re missing out on the fun.” Yuka spoke excitedly as she took to the air and floated down towards where the pair previously left.

Mima paused to wonder how she knew the way, but then realized it was clear from the trail of destruction, shrugging slightly she hovered to catch up with the rushing youkai.

“Kazami, perchance are you the youkai that was beaten last year by those two?” Mima questioned.

“I hardly call it ‘beaten’ when they storm into my house and beat me up while I’m asleep.”

Looking at her when she first woke up, I’d hardly call it that either.

“It seems the shrine is becoming a home to youkai lately, there’s been more and more youkai hanging around there.” Mima commented.

Yuka looked back, “What’s the problem with that?”

Mima laughed slightly, “Oh nothing, just a sign of how lazy Miss Hakurei is.”

Yuka didn’t reply and instead opened her parasol, using it to block the sunlight.

A few moments later, Mima noticed that they’d come face to face with a familiar site, the mountain from the events a few years ago.

Never thought I’d be here again so soon.

Although the track lead them to the other side, where eventually an entrance could be seen in the side of the mountain.

“I’d say this has to be it.” Mima stated.

Yuka replied sarcastically, “You think? Just look at the pattern around the entrance, that doesn’t occur by itself.”

Mima glanced at the formation and saw a strange foreign pattern, with more structured marks at the top, possibly even another language?

As the duo studied the strange pattern a voice called out, “More intruders, what’s with them today?”

Mima looked at the entrance of the cave, where a pink haired girl emerged wearing a simple red dress with a white shirt beneath it. Her eyes matched the colour of her shoulder length hair. “What do you want?” The girl questioned.

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