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The following year, there was supposedly a large event take place in Gensokyo, if the stories are to be believed then there was a large tournament held, and the winner was granted a wish. However this is considered very unlikely, since the masterminds behind the tournament were supposedly humans from the outside world, which should be impossible.

It was also mostly reported that the evil spirit Mima took part, losing to Reimu Hakurei in the finals, Reimu then went on to defeat the masterminds, but once again, there has been no sign of her prize, so it should be considered a large rumour.

The following year from that, another incident occurred, youkai swarmed the lands for reasons unknown, and once again it was up to the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei to see to the situation, also for unknown reasons, Marisa Kirisame, the apprentice of Mima went along, and both ended up facing the youkai, Yuka Kazami, and brought the incident to a close.

The lack of intervention from Mima should be considered suspect, considering her and Marisa were noted to always be together, not to mention Mima’s presence at the shrine was growing ever more…

Mima rolled over and stretched, “Marisa! You there?” The spirit shouted dozily as she opened her eyes to see the shrine grounds in front of her. “Marisa?”

“Reimu!” She shouted afterwards, but again, there was no response.

“Now where the hell could they have got to?” Mima said puzzled, as she climbed up, and hovered to look in the shrine itself. “No-one.”

At that moment, Mima woke up enough to notice the shrine grounds, which looked disturbed and broken in places. “There’s been a battle here? I must have slept through it.” Mima considered whether to begin looking for the two but decided against it, “I’m sure they’ll be fine, I’ll just wait here.”

Wondering into the shrine, Mima quickly prepared herself some tea, and sat dozily on top of the shrine, looking for signs of anyone. “I wonder what they’re up to…” She said aloud to herself.

“Hunting the source of the large number of youkai that stormed the shrine earlier.” A voice said from behind.

Jumping from shock and nearly spilling her tea, Mima spun around, “Don’t sneak up on me like- Oh, it’s you.” She said, with a displeased tone, having found herself back-to-back with her nemesis.

“Oh, a shame, you’re never pleased to see me.” The voice regained its ominous tone.

“I wonder why, Murasaki… I wonder why…” Mima spoke quietly, “Oh wait, could it be because you’re always messing things up for me, and tried to get me sealed again? I bet you’re gutted I didn’t get sent away again, aren’t you!” Mima suddenly snapped.

“I admit, I was quite surprised. But that doesn’t matter now.” The voice suddenly cut the conversation.

“Anyway, you’ve taken quite a liking to the shrine again, missing the old times?” The voice jeered.

“The times before you backstabbed me? Nah, it’s much better now then it was back then, Murasaki.”

“Please, call me Yukari, Yukari Yakumo. I don’t really want any other Hakurei’s knowing.” The voice actually sounded honest for once.

“Yukari... But why?” Mima said semi-confused.

“Just think about it. What kind of example would it be, if the Hakurei bloodline found out, that one of their most respected members, was actually still alive after all this time, and now a youkai, the things they swear to defeat?” Yukari spoke out.

“True, but I doubt Reimu would be bothered enough to care.” Mima laughed.

“Regardless, I don’t want her to know, I want you to keep it secret… regardless of what I have done.”

“Whatever.” Mima said, uncaring, if she was going to get Murasaki back, it’d be more then tarnishing her reputation.

“You know, any human who came here would think you’re the goddess of this shrine.” Yukari added out of the blue.

Mima laughed slightly, “Nothing wrong with that.”

“If you like it so much, why don’t you actually become the deity of the shrine then?” The voice giggled ominously.

“But how do I do… that?” Mima turned around in interest to find Murasaki had disappeared.

“Dammit!” Mima quickly scanned the area, but saw no sign of her. “Who does she think she is, bothering me all the time?” Mima snapped.

Leaning back against the roof, Mima spoke out to herself again, “She had one point though, how can I become a god?”

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Return to Fiction by Mima

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