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“So, we finally meet, Reimu. How do you do?” Mima grinned.

“We met a moment ago.” Reimu sharply replied.

Mima smirked, “Ah, but I was in a rush then, was I not? There’s nowhere else to go now.”

Reimu continued to be on guard, “Why are you doing this? What exactly are you doing?”

“Didn’t Marisa just tell you before? Getting back what was stolen.”

Reimu’s face showed signed of puzzlement, “Which is…”

“My life! It’s simple! I just want my life back.” Mima shouted with a hint of glee.

“What the hell has that got to do with my shrine, and hiring some goons to attack me!?” Reimu shouted back.

Mima turned her back to the shrine maiden, “That, is simple. The Hakurei bloodline, as you know watches the Hakurei border, takes care of it and whatnot, however, that border manipulation can be used, to give me my life back! In other words… I need your powers…”

“So you dragged me all this way, so you hope you could kill me?!” Reimu shouted again in anger.

“That’s correct, well, I could possess you and you’d live, but… I can’t see you letting me do that.” Mima smirked, still with her back turned.

“Damn right, I’m taking you down, right here.” Reimu continued to be aggressive.

“You can’t even fly by yourself yet, can you? You need that turtle, Genjii, am I correct?” Mima continued, smugly.

“S-so what!” Reimu said, slightly desperate.

“And where is my old friend now? I notice he’s not with you.”

Reimu sounded slightly puzzled, “He’s back down there, taking care of himself, and Marisa. How do you know about him?”

“Oh nothing, we just met… a long time ago.” Mima sounded melancholic, remembering her past and the day she died.

“Still, I think it’s time we begin, time to see how well you trained!” Mima spun around, and looked at her opponent, before bursting into laughter.

“W-what’s so funny?!” Reimu suddenly shouted, bewildered.

Mima looked at Reimu again, and stifled her laughs, Reimu looked quite the same as before her fight with Marisa, only her clothes were slightly more damaged around the arms, and most noticeably, she has a large bruise around her eye. “I… I see Marisa got past your guard.” Mima spoke as she laughed again.

“So what, it’s only because of that stupid spell of hers!” Reimu defended herself.

Mima quickly cast the spell in discussion around herself, the four orbs appearing around her, “You mean this one?”

Reimu sighed, “Oh hell…”

“Anyway, shall we?” Mima spoke calmly, as she flew backwards several metres.

Reimu jumped backwards also, and drew several talismans, “I’ll make sure you’re banished for good!”

“Of course you will.” Mima replied sarcastically, waving her staff causing a wall of small balls of energy to fly at Reimu. “I should warn you, I’m not quite the pushover your last opponents were.” Mima calmly spoke, as she threw wave upon wave of bullets at the maiden.

“Duplex barrier!” Shouted Reimu, as she caused an orange barrier to appear, blocking the projectiles.

“Not bad, it would have been a shame to end this so early.” Mima spoke with a grin.

“Fantasy Orb!” The miko called out, as large mist-like orbs appeared of red, green and blue and homed in on Mima.

Weaving between them, Mima carefully dodged, hitting one away with her sphere before getting hit by the final orb in the back.

[I]Damn, that was careless…[/I]

Mima composed herself, before hovering above Reimu. “Fine, the basic stuff can be skipped, time to play properly!”

Mima swung her staff around her causing darkness to swirl around, and fill the area in which they stood until Reimu was surrounded by a black void.

“You can’t see in the dark can you, Reimu?” The spirit’s voice called out to her.

Reimu spun around, trying to track where the voice was coming from, “Looks like you’re struggling a little, allow me to help!”

Suddenly the darkness disappeared from around Reimu, leaving the first thing she saw as Mima swinging her staff at her side and then her head, sending her flying to the ground.

“That was… unfair…” Reimu said weakly as she picked herself off the floor, coughing up some blood.

“Life, is unfair. Learn that fact.” Mima spoke coldly. “Ready for another go?”

Darkness started to appear around Reimu again, leaving her looking around again, “Oh Reimu, you can’t see a thing can you? Well let me-“

“Evil sealing circle!” The miko suddenly shouted as Mima was swinging her staff.

“What!?” Mima shouted in surprise as the darkness suddenly erupted with a blast of light, sending her flying backwards. Hitting the floor painfully, Mima grimaced before looking up and seeing the shrine maiden advance towards her.

“What the hell was that? You shouldn’t have those powers, not yet.” Mima said, still surprised.

“Who knows, maybe it’s my bloodline.” Reimu said with a grin. “And look, it’s the end of this ‘game’ as you called it.”

The shrine maiden summoned several yin-yang orbs and launched them at the spirit, sending her further along the ground in agony.

Mima pulled herself up onto her knees and looked around at the spell around her, was all this for nothing, this spell she had spent so long making, setting up, if only that one fateful ingredient wasn’t so… difficult to achieve. Then she realized something, she was sat on the altar-like area, where the miko crashed to the ground earlier.

[I]Her blood.[/I]

“Begone, evil spirit.” Reimu said mercilessly, as she pulled out several more talismans. “Face your punishments-“

“Reincarnation!” Mima suddenly shouted, slamming her hands onto the floor.

Reimu then found herself being pushed back, as another blast of light, only more powerful then her Sealing Circle pushed her back.

Reimu picked herself up and waited for her eyes to adjust from the beams that dazzled her eyes.

“Did you think it was over?” An all too familiar voice called.

“For a minute, I did.” Reimu spoke out, blindly.

“Well, obviously, you’re incorrect.” The voice continued.

“Obviously.” Reimu repeated sarcastically.

Finally her eyes adjusted, and she saw Mima stood in front of her, fully recovered and with the addition of six purple wings.

“What… did you do?” Reimu said, puzzled.

Mima laughed, with a returned tone of insanity, “Your blood contained your power, and I used what little of it there was to cast my spell somewhat.” Mima held her arms out wide, “What you see now, is no spirit, I’m a soul, cast between the border of life and death!”

Reimu looked as though she was going to step back, but remained still, “Whatever you are, I’ll wipe you out and leave the next realm to judge you.”

Mima grinned devilishly, “I invite you to try.”

Grabbing another handful of seals, Reimu launched them at Mima, who remained still as a wall of darkness materialized and blocked them. “You need to try harder then that.” The soul taunted.

With an uncertain look, Reimu leapt forwards at Mima and shouted, “Evil sealing circle!” The resulting light filled the mountain once again… Only to be interrupted by laughter, “That didn’t work did it?”

As the light quickly fade, Reimu saw a cocoon-like shape of darkness dissolve around Mima. “Damn, you’re persistent.”

Reimu jumped backwards, and summoned another yin-yang orb, firing towards Mima. “The yin-yang orb, a strange attack that only the Hakurei bloodline can control…” Mima swung her staff out and covered the orb in darkness, and held out her hand, causing the orb to slow down and stop in front of her.

“Fascinating…” Mima spoke, examining the orb before striking it without warning at the miko.

Reimu hastily swung around to dodge, but was struck by the orb in the side, hurling her to the floor. Coughing and trying to catch her breath, Reimu struggled to pick herself up off the floor. As she looked up, she saw a flash and the next thing she knew, she was struck on the neck, and lifted off the ground.

As her eyes refocuses, Reimu saw she was being suspended off the ground, held by the head of Mima’s staff. “Well, Reimu. Looks like you’re out of time. Final chance, surrender to me?”

“You… wish…” Reimu hissed, as she ran out of breath.

Mima smiled, “Don’t worry, I’ll make it quick, you deserve that at least.”

Suddenly there was a flash all around Mima, causing her to jump slightly. “What the hell?” The spirit looked around at the scenery, of which there was none, nothing but darkness, which even her powers couldn’t shift.

“I’ve been here before…” Mima said quietly to herself. “Show yourself, Murasaki!”

The age-old voice laughed around Mima, “Alright, I see you’re so eager to go back to what you were doing.” Suddenly a figure lit up in front of Mima, with her back to her.

From the angle Mima was at, she could see that the woman in front was wearing a long vibrant purple dress with white frills, and the parasol that was seen before was open behind her, blocking the view of much of her. Despite the obstacle she could see that she had long blonde hair, tied up in many places with various coloured ribbons.

“We meet again.” Mima said calmly. “You just won’t leave me alone will you.”

“Of course not.” The woman giggled, “You’re causing more dangers then you know.”

“Let me out of here, let me kill Hakurei and finish the spell, then we can talk all you want.” Mima shouted.

“Oh… but obviously that’s why I’m here.” The voice continued, ominously.

“You want to try and stop me? Try it.” Mima stretched out her six wings.

The voice gained a serious, sharp edge, “No. I’m only here to tell you something.”

“Go on then, spit it out.” The magician demanded.

The woman suddenly disappeared, and quickly Mima sensed her right next to her, followed by a whisper in her ear, “You’ll never get the normal life you desire.”

“I-is that a threat!” Mima shouted as she swung around to strike her, to find nothing.

The figure appeared a little distance away again, “No, like I said, it’s a message. Think about it.” The voice continued, “There’s two possibilities, you remain as you are, living your… afterlife out as you already are, or you kill the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and use the powers to resurrect yourself.”

“I know that, I made the plan!” Mima shouted in confusion.

The voice giggled disturbingly, “But did you not think of the consequences?”

“Consequences, such as? Being hated by villagers? Boo hoo.” Mima replied sarcastically.

“No, about the Hakurei.” The voice rose her voice slightly, “You said earlier that the Hakurei watch over the shrine, and the border, which is correct. They take care of it; keep it stable, that kind of business.”

The figure suddenly appeared closer to Mima, “But what happens if there’s no Hakurei to tend to it? It decays, and decays, until it breaks. And what happens then? Gensokyo will be destroyed, in at least one way, maybe just cease to exist and destroy everything.”

“So, you’re saying…” Mima said weakly.

“If you kill Reimu Hakurei, the only living member of the Hakurei bloodline for your own selfish purpose, then not only are you killing yourself, but everyone else as well, even your beloved Marisa Kirisame.”

“…You’re lying.” Mima tried to argue back.

“Oh, I wish I was, however, I will not allow Gensokyo to be destroyed, and if you have any sense at all, you’ll make the right decision and face your punishment once again. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be sealed away for good this time? Reimu has a natural ability with borders.”

“I hate you.” Mima replied almost silently.

The woman laughed strangely again, “Oh, I know that. But I blame you for the reasons why.”

“Don’t you dare blame me! If you hadn’t been such an idiot to believe those humans and kill me, none of this would have happened!” Mima screamed.

“And I didn’t kill you because of that!” The voice shouted back, surprisingly powerful. “I killed you to save you, from suffering at their hands. I didn’t know you were weak enough to lose it and lose your control for over a thousand years!”

“You just won’t admit you made a mistake will you?” Mima growled.

“Oh, just think what you want. It makes no difference, now make your choice. I’ll see you in another hundred years!” The voice laughed, slowly drifting away as the world flashed back to the previous event.

Reimu continued to lay suspended in the air by her throat, stuck in the crescent moon head of her staff.

[i]The end is so close, yet now this happens.[/i]

[i]What if I kill her and risk fate, she could have been lying.[/i]

[i]Marisa would hate me for killing her, and she’d probably die early because of my actions… not to mention lose her friend.[/i]

“Lady Mima! Is it over!” Another familiar voice called.

[i] Not at a time like this.[/i]

“Is she… dead yet?” Marisa cautiously questioned as she finished climbing to where they were. Noticing the scene, she fell silent for a moment, “Oh… I see.” Her face filling with pain at the realisation she’d arrived at the moment her friend was about to die.

[i]Why… why can’t I do this? After all this time? She’s spoilt everything again, damn her.[/i]

Mima suddenly lowered her staff, allowing Reimu to reach the floor, who fell backwards and coughed loudly, desperately trying to catch her breath.

“It’s quite funny Shrine Maiden, you’ve won.” Mima said, with a smile, but her voice suggested otherwise.

“Lady Mima! What are you doing!?” Marisa’s panicked and puzzled shouts echoed around her.

“Doing what is… right… what is good… for once.” Mima again feigned a smile to her apprentice.

“You mean that’s it, you’re giving up?!”

“Yes. It’s for the best.” Mima’s voice continued to fill with sorrow. “Reimu Hakurei, this is the part where you seal me away with your Sealing Boundary.”

“… What are you talking about? I’ve never heard of that.” Reimu said, equally as confused as Marisa.

“Check your pockets; she’ll have placed it somewhere.” Mima replied.

“She? Who do you mean?” Reimu asked, as she quickly searched, and found a deep purple card. “Sealing Boundary… I’ve never seen this before.”

“Use it and I’m gone for another hundred years…” Mima found it disorientating how she was explaining her own loss. “I’ll be better next time, I mean, I won’t do anything wrong.”

The expression of clueless-ness never left the Miko’s face for a second. “Why are you doing this?”

“Yeah! Why are you doing this!?” The voice of Marisa screeched into Mima’s ear. “You’re quitting, and now you’re just going to leave me!”

Mima gave a lacklustre smile, “Don’t worry too much, you can have the house, I won’t need it.” Mima turned around, “Now hurry up, and claim your victory or whatever, banish this evil soul once and for all.”


Mima closed her eyes and awaited her fate, ignoring Marisa.

“Nah, forget it.”

Mima’s eyes sprung open to see two halves of the mysterious spell card hit the ground, “What?”

“I’m too… worn out to cast the spell.” Reimu smiled. Quietly, she added, “You say casting the spell would be getting rid of evil, but I think it would be more evil to leave her alone, she obviously has some respect for you.” Reimu slightly motioned towards Marisa.

Marisa suddenly jumped in the conversation and stood beside Mima, “Thanks, Reimu!”

“No problem, now I’m going. I need some sleep.” Reimu grinned as she turned around and shouted, “Genjii!”

“Lazing on the job again I see. You’re meant to be exterminating beings like me, not letting them free.” Mima taunted.

“Watch what you say, I could still change my mind.” Reimu mocked.

“Not while that card’s on the floor in pieces!” Marisa shouted back.

Soon enough, the green turtle from earlier rose from over the hill, “Have you finished her off, Reimu?”

The turtle then noticed Mima and Marisa standing there, “Oh, I see not.”

“Let’s just go, I’m finished here.” Reimu quickly explained.

“Whatever you say, I trust you in your actions.” The turtle calmly replied.

Reimu sat upon the turtle as it floated off, past Marisa and Mima towards the shrine. As they passed, the turtle spoke, “It’s been a long time, Mima.”

“That it is, what are you going to do, try and bite me?” Mima replied bemused.

“I think… I’m a little too old for that now. Farewell.” Soon the turtle and miko combination had descended out of sight.

“Well, I must admit Marisa. I honestly didn’t think this conclusion was possible, I always thought of it that one of us must lose. The miko’s wise for her age.”

Marisa merely replied with a yawn, “Can we go now? I’m tired.”

Mima looked down at her apprentice, “Sure, let’s go.” Mima promptly rose into the air, and Marisa jumped onto her broomstick and they both travelled away, back towards the forest.


From that moment on, Mima and Marisa were regularly sighted at the shrine grounds, to the point where if they weren’t sleeping or doing magic-related business, then they’d be at the shrine.

Reimu didn’t seem to care much at all about the magicians staying around the shrine, despite Mima being what she was. Time passed by, and Mima finally began to enjoy her life, or her equivalent of it.

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