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“And so it begins.” Mima spoke, as a small explosion tore through the side of the shrine.

“Wow!” Marisa laughed, “That’s kinda cool! That’s Rika and her machines, right?”

“Indeed it is, though I didn’t want her to cause that much damage. If we win, we might own that place.”

“Oh yeah, we would wouldn’t we!?” Marisa shouted, as excited as ever.

Minutes passed as more explosions shattered around the shrine, until there was a different sight, amongst the explosions were flashes of other colours, reds and blues appearing at different points, suddenly causing the other explosions to come to a halt.

“It looks like she’s arrived.” Mima spoke calmly.

As the explosions died down, Mima relaxed a little when Marisa screamed almost in her ear, “Look, she’s not done yet!” Mima looked up curiously to see a much larger object slowly move into the shrine’s grounds, it looked like a large box with a ying-yang painted on the top, as it got closer more explosions tore through the area.

“She’s certainly doing more then I thought she would.” Mima commented.

The signs of Reimu fighting back continued around the destruction until the large machine stopped and a few seconds later erupted in one final explosion.

Mima closed her eyes, “Farewell, Rika.”

Marisa groaned, “Aww, that was awesome, she should have won.”

“I knew she wouldn’t.” Mima spoke.

“Stop being a spoilsport, you can always hope!”

“Hope…Like I hoped I’d live a peaceful life one day, before I was killed?” Mima snapped back.

Marisa went silent and looked down, “Sorry, Lady Mima.”

Mima tried to sound brighter, “It’s alright, now look, Meira should appear soon.”

The two magicians watched the path between them and the shrine for any sign of activity.

“Do you think she turned up? Maybe she chickened out?” Marisa spoke out.

Mima laughed slightly, “It would be ironic would it not? After what she was like when you met her.”

Suddenly there was a flash of light, “Oh! Is that her do you think?” Marisa shouted.

“It must be. It’s not the Miko.”

There were several more flashes followed and after every flash, a tree collapsed in the area. The colours of Reimu’s attacks struck back at the samurai, the closer proximity allowed Mima and Marisa to watch the projectiles fly around in all directions, as some flew into the air, Mima commented, “Interesting, it looks like Reimu can fly somehow, I didn’t think she’d learnt that yet.”

“Huh, you say something Lady Mima?” Marisa turned, distracted by the fight.

“No, nothing.” Mima replied.

Soon enough, small red and purple orbs were flying around in all directions, “I believe our Samurai friend is getting desperate.” The spirit spoke. “At this rate she won’t last-“ Mima was interrupted by all the orbs disappearing, and the flashes ceased. “-much longer…”

Mima stood up, with Marisa following suit, “What are we doing?” Marisa asked.

“I’m just going to try and see what state Reimu is in, before she enters that portal.” Mima explained.

“Oh.” Marisa followed Mima as she hovered down the side of the cliff slightly, and as Mima said, they saw Reimu hovering forwards. “I knew there was a turtle at the shrine!” Marisa cried out randomly.

“What?” Mima spoke out, before noticing that Reimu was indeed, riding on the top of a turtle.

It can’t be the same one, could it? Mima wondered to herself.

At that point, Reimu noticed the two on the mountain and looked back. There a pause of tension between the two, where if the distance was smaller, a battle could have started right then, instead, the shrine maiden looked back ahead, and flew into the portal. Causing Mima to burst out in laughter.

“What’s so funny, Lady Mima?” Marisa asked, confused at her master’s outburst.

Mima stopped laughing slightly, “I created that trap in the dream world, because I was expecting her to be on foot, but with that turtle, she could have easily just flown up to here, missing the trap altogether!”

“Oh, I see!” Marisa laughed alongside Mima.

“Well, she’ll be here soon enough, let’s move on.” Mima ordered.

The two walked back up the slope, towards the ritual site, “It’s nearly time for your performance, Marisa. Be sure to try your best.”

“Of course I will! I’ll try my hardest so that you can get your life back and we can live normally again!” Marisa grinned.

Mima stopped walking, “Well, this is it. All we can do now, is wait.” Mima waited a moment, “I can feel the energy of those stones fading, she’ll be here soon.”

A few minutes passed as Marisa discussed her spells and tactics, when they were interrupted, “No more running, it ends here!”

Mima looked ahead, to see Reimu looking slightly scruffy, riding on the turtle, laughing she answered, “We’ve done no running Miko, we’ve been here to start with.”

Reimu suddenly changed subject, “I know you… I thought I killed you last year!”

“Obviously, that’s what I wanted you to think, but I’m not as weak as that.” Mima taunted.

Reimu paused for a moment, “You’re Mima aren’t you?”

“Oh, I’m glad you heard of me. I believe you missed me at one point?” The spirit laughed.

“Typical, you turn sane when it’s my turn. Still, whatever you’re planning, it ends here!” Reimu drew several talismans.

“Not quite, there’s one more obstacle for you.” Mima giggled, while hovering backwards.

Reimu growled in frustration, “Oh, what now!?”

“Me!” An all too familiar voice to Mima shouted, as she dropped down in front of her. “You gotta get past me!”

“Marisa? What are you doing here? I thought you went missing?” Reimu said confused. “And what are you doing with her!? Are you out of your mind? She’s evil!”

“She’s not! She just wants to get back what was stolen from her…” Marisa argued.

The maiden sighed, “Look Marisa, get out of the way, I don’t want to hurt you.”

“No! You want to fight Lady Mima, you gotta go through me!” Marisa shouted, before quickly reciting the spell the magicians had worked on, causing the four orbs to orbit around Marisa as she took off into the air.

“Go now, Lady Mima! Get the spell ready!” Marisa shouted.

“A-alright! Be careful!” Mima shouted, as she flew over to the site.

Be careful, Marisa. I don’t want anything to happen to you, this is my business.

Rushing through the spell, Mima set the final components into place and read the final incantations, all that was needed now was the Hakurei power.

Mima hurried around, hearing the sounds of battle echo around her, the familiar sounds of Marisa’s lasers blasting the ground around them, followed by the sharp thud of Reimu’s yin-yang orbs.

By the sound of it, she can use more then one orb now. It’s about time.

Almost by coincidence, as Mima stood up, and turned to face the battle, the noise stopped. Grabbing her staff, Mima silently waited to see who would walk up onto the top of the mountain to face her and was unsurprised to find herself face to face with Reimu Hakurei.

“Well, Miss Hakurei, welcome to the finale of this story.”

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