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“Lady Mima! Today’s the day!” Was the first thing Mima heard, stirring her from her sleep.

Falling asleep again? This is becoming a habit.

Looking up, Marisa looking down on her, fully dressed and ready to go.

“What we gotta do?” Marisa shouted enthusiastically.

“Well…” Mima paused as her brain warmed up, “You should really practice your magic, and there’s a spell we…” Mima was interrupted by her own yawn. “We need to cast, to counter the Miko.”

“What, another one? What is it this time?” Marisa said, curiously.

Mima grinned, “You won’t have heard of it, and you won’t be learning it any time soon. You’ll just have to wait.”

Marisa looked puzzled for a moment, before her mentor spoke again, “Now get your broom, we’re going on a trip, in fact, bring everything you need, we won’t be coming back here again today.”

“Alright!” Marisa ran off into her room, followed by the sounds of rummaging and items falling. As the sounds continued, Mima looked around with a hint of sorrow, if everything went wrong tonight, then everything she had gained in the short time in her return would be lost, especially Marisa who felt more like a daughter to her now, all in the name of revenge.

It’s not just that, right? I’m working to get my life back. Surely?

“I’m ready!” Mima’s thoughts broke as Marisa ran into the room, holding her broom with a blanket wrapping in a bundle and tied to it, presumably containing all the items Mima told her to get.

Mima took a final look around, “Alright, let’s go.” She took a deep breath and opened the door for her apprentice to leave through.

In the few seconds it took to turn around from shutting the door, Marisa was already floating around in the air on her broomstick, which was an ordinary broom until a few months ago when Marisa’s complaining of not being able to fly really began to annoy Mima and she cast a spell on it. “Eagar to leave are we?” Mima called out.

“Yep!” Marisa said simply, before flying away.

“Wait! You don’t even know where we’re going!” Mima shouted after Marisa as she took into the sky after her.

She’s oddly excited, I wonder if she really knows what lies ahead.

After managing to redirect the young witch, Mima and Marisa found themselves at the base of the mountain, just north of the Hakurei Shrine.

“Here? What are we doing here?” Marisa quickly asked.

Mima gave a menacing grin, “This is where we lay our final trap for Reimu.”

Marisa tilted her head in puzzlement causing Mima to continue, “We will actually be up there.” Mima pointed up, towards the peak of the mountain. “It’s a long way to fly or travel, so if we present a shortcut, then that lazy shrine maiden will be sure to take it.”

Mima drew a pattern on the floor and chanted causing a purple rift-like portal to rise out of the ground. “Also, due to the proximity of the shrine, there’s some instability, so with this link to the dream world, we can use it to make a short entrance to the peak.”

Marisa continued to look completely confused, “And?”

Mima shook her head, “If we fill the dream world shortcut with traps, then it’ll be a benefit won’t it?”

“Ah ha! I see, but what are you going use then?” Marisa asked.

Mima grabbed Marisa by the hand and pulled her into the portal, “Let’s have a look!”

The world almost seemed to take a while creating itself, as blocks shifted into place forming a pathway. “Wow… This is amazing!” Marisa shouted. The witch ran along the seemingly never-ending road of transparent tiles, looking around at the stars, and spinning around as the occasional one flew by. “Wow, Lady Mima! Look at that!” The girl shouted, pointing through the tiles at the nearby sun, which Marisa has just noticed the platform seemed to be orbiting.

As she looked up, she saw Mima was already floating away in the distance, “Wait up Lady Mima!” She saw Mima physically sigh, as she turned around to wait for her.

“What is the trap going to be then?” Marisa asked yet another question.

Mima grinned and point where she was facing ahead, “Those.”

In front of them was a large gap with another platform on the other side, containing another portal, presumably the exit, and five weird stone orbs with various inscriptions. “Those? What are they?”

“In simple terms, magical orbs, but can’t you feel the magic radiating from them? They’re no ordinary statues.” Mima spoke, as she drifted over the large void.

Marisa thought a moment, “So, we activate them and set them on Reimu?”

“Correct!” Mima sat down, in front of the middle stone and began to draw a pattern in front of it with a piece of chalk. Soon after she began quietly reciting a spell which even Marisa could not understand, and seemed to never end.

A few minutes later, there was finally some activity as the orbs cracked and seemed to radiate green energy for a few seconds, before returning to normal.

“Uh, Lady Mima? Did the spell fail or something?” Marisa asked.

Mima turned around with a grin, “Oh no, the orbs powers are merely being hid, as soon as Reimu gets here, they’ll activate and until she destroys them all, that portal over there won’t open.”

“Ah! I see! Clever!” Marisa looked around again, “Is that everything? Can we set up your spell now?”

“Yes, it’s time.” Mima smiled weakly, leading Marisa through the portal.

As reality reappeared to the two, Marisa complained, “What?! There’s miles until we reach the top!”

“That’s because I want you to distract Reimu halfway, to give me more time.” Mima said coldly.

The two magicians started their trek up the mountain, enjoying the view of Gensokyo they had, including the Hakurei Shrine. “It’s fun to think that place will be trashed by Rika in a few hours.” Mima laughed.

Mima’s mind drifted off again, thinking of the events that are to take place tonight. Will she win? Can she take a girl's life to get back her own? Can she put Marisa through all of this? Mima shook her head and dismissed the doubts, of course she’ll succeed, and be a step closer to finding Murasaki and making her pay.

“Oh, we’re here already…” Mima said quietly, aware they were at the peak, “Marisa, please set up what I told you to.”

“Alright, Lady Mima!” The girl sung as she began to take out various items from her broom-blanket compartment.

A couple of hours passed, as Mima and Marisa quietly worked to set the spell up, all that was required now, was the power that only the Hakurei’s held, by far the hardest ingredient to get.

Night soon fell, and Mima started the spell, soon her ‘henchmen’ would move into place and Reimu would be attracted towards the beacon of magic that is Mima’s spell, and the night’s events would begin.

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