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“Oh come on, put some effort into it!” A voice called, the voice had a distinct tone of someone eccentric, though it seems to drag itself down to sound more common.

“I’d like to see you do better!” Another voice called, much more normal sounding voice called, the voice was kind yet determined.

“I know you would, but you lost, so you have to do it!” The first voice replied.

The sound of something hitting the floor causes the source of the first voice to open her eyes, in front of her stood a green haired girl wearing pale cream robes and a large grin on her face. “Well then, how about best of out two?”

“Nah, get back to work.” The girl closed her eyes again.

The green haired girl sighed and picked up the broom again and continued sweeping the pathway, a moment later she looked up at the structure over-watching the path, the Hakurei Shrine, the building had existed for as long as anyone could remember, and currently it was home to one Murasaki Hakurei, the prodigy who was rumoured to have made Gensokyo what it is, a permanent dream world, and also her best friend.

It was also the same lazy Murasaki Hakurei who was lying down at the front of the shrine half-asleep after winning a bet where all the work goes to the loser.

“Aren’t you finished yet?” The impatient voice of Murasaki interrupted.

“It’s hardly been a minute since you last asked!” The other girl snapped back.

Murasaki rose from where she was lying, presenting herself, she wore typical shrine maiden clothing, a red robe like shirt and dress, decorated with white and a modest yellow ribbon just below her neck. Also on her arms were detached yellow sleeves, another part of her costume, but the most noticeable feature was her long hip length golden hair, tied up in several places with the use of matching red ribbons. As she wobbled from side to side dozily, “Mima, shouldn’t you be working and not daydreaming?”

The green haired girl, Mima, shouted into the sky in frustration followed by giggles from Murasaki, “You’re so easy to wind up.”

Mima mumbled something to herself, but in her mind she was actually thankful, she didn’t have much of a memory and her ability to use magic, primarily controlling darkness, caused her to be shunted by the other humans, scared of her powers they had only seen used by the deadly youkai. Murasaki was an exception in both cases; she was extremely powerful at what you may call magic, and also Mima’s only and best friend.

Eventually, Mima finished the chores she was set and sat down with Murasaki at the front of the shrine casually drinking tea, “You know, sometimes, I wish I never had this power.” Mima said out of the blue. “Perhaps if I had something like light magic, the others might accept me. But I’m stuck with this, and they’re terrified.” Mima causes a trail of darkness to spiral around an extended finger before dispersing in the air.

Murasaki smiled, “Don’t worry, there’ll be a time when they’ll accept things, everything’s still new to them and they’re bound to have many more surprises ahead.” She assured, sounding oddly sage-like.

Mima sat back and thought upon the words for a moment, and the next thing she knew, the sky was dulling and darkness was beginning to creep along the world. “I guess it’s time to leave.” Standing up and shaking her robes slightly, Mima walked off gloomily, “See you tomorrow.”

“Bye, take care.” Murasaki quietly said, but so Mima could hear it.

Rather then take the pathway leading to the village, Mima chose to go straight through the forest, once again she was the only one who did so, but then she was the only one who could protect themselves if they were attacked. The only other humans you saw in there were children, thanks to their innocence and curiosity, they had a different opinion to Mima’s magic compared to their elders, so occasionally a group of them would visit and request a display, which Mima enjoyed, it was better then being holed up in her house.

Still deep in thought, Mima quietly returned to her house. Without little delay, Mima went straight to her bed, and lay there dreaming about what life could have been like without her powers.

Mima shot alert when an unknown noise interrupted her, someone screaming. Drowsily she sat up in bed, while the screams continued.

By the time Mima had got out of bed, the screams had stopped, with a yawn; she climbed back into bed, “Probably… just some youkai playing games.” Without another thought, Mima fell asleep.

As the sun rose, Mima was awakened by a loud banging noise, accompanied by shouting. Slowly, Mima climbed out of bed, wobbling from side to side to see what the commotion was.

As she opened the door, the last thing she expected was a crowd of people around her house.

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