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Nitori in Fan Culture

  • Some fan works depict her carrying a Pepsi Ice Cucumber in place of the reed she normally has. (In Japanese folklore, kappas love cucumbers. This is also referenced by Nitori's "Monster Cucumber" spell card.) She's also sometimes depicted wearing a school swimsuit under her dress.
  • One of the earliest fan-made vocal arrangements of Nitori's theme music (にとりの唄(萌), Nitori's Song (Moe)) has lyrics that translate as "Kappappa kappappa Nitori, you get more than you pay for with Nitori." The latter part is from the slogan of the above-mentioned Nitori store chain, and several doujinshi have made it into something of an unofficial slogan for her as well. A reference to "kappappa kappappa" subsequently appeared in Subterranean Animism.
  • Nitori is also well known for being one of the first subjects for the 'Geddan/Get Down' dance.
  • It is speculated that Nitori is one of the kappa who helped Suwako in the construction of Hisoutensoku.
  • Aside from Rinnosuke and Yukari, Nitori is considered to be the most technologically advanced in the Touhou universe, often showing her capability to construct modern/futuristic weapons and machinery in fan works.
  • In several fanmade artworks, Nitori is seen wearing tank tops, due to her job as an engineer.
  • She is seen paired with Hina sometimes.
  • Nitori owns a mysterious station wagon.

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