The bosses in New Super Marisa Land are fairly simple and draw on various battles in the Super Mario series. Most of them require three hits to defeat.

Alice Margatroid

Hits to Defeat: 3

The first boss battle is with the Seven-Colored puppeteer, Alice Margatroid. This is an easy battle. She will attack by throwing explosive dolls. When she pauses, take the chance to stomp on her head. Do this two more times to be victorious. Alternatively, using a mushroom held in reserve will instantly defeat Alice on contact.

Tewi Inaba

Hits to Defeat: 3

The second battle is against Tewi Inaba. She will be joined by a crowd of native Eientei rabbits. As with Alice, stomp on Tewi's head three times to win. You can attack the other rabbits as well to clear up the area (it could make things easier while you are hunting down Tewi in the crowd). An easy battle with the Miko Suit. From this battle onward, you will retrieve Marisa's lost mushrooms.

(You can receive a 1Up from this battle if you defeat Tewi while there is still a horde of rabbits remaining.)

Patchouli Knowledge

Hits to Defeat: 3

Now you are against the Unmoving Library, Patchouli Knowledge. She rides a robot similar to the one she pilots in Megamari, accompanied by two others. This battle is a little tougher as Patchy has more height than you so jumping her won't be extremely simple. For her attack, she will hop towards you in her machine. For a safer battle, use the robots as stepping stones to stomp on Patchouli's head. When she is damaged, she will become angry and leap towards you in a much quicker pace before calming down. Once she is hit twice, she will attempt larger hops. Don't let this throw you off; stomp on her head once more to defeat her and gain a mushroom.

Youmu Konpaku

Hits to Defeat: 3

Youmu Konpaku is your next opponent. At the start of the battle, you will see Youmu's ghost half, Myon, with a mushroom attached to it. Shortly after, it will expel a rather disturbed/traumatized Youmu. This battle reflects the Big Boo fight from Yoshi's Island in terms of strategy. Pick up Youmu and toss her at Myon. This will decrease its size, making it easier to jump on it and stomp the mushroom. As with Patchouli, it will get desperate once it has been hit twice and blow itself up to massive proportions. Use Youmu to deflate it and attack it a final time.

Utsuho Reiuji

Hits to Defeat: 3

Get ready for a battle with the hell raven herself, Utsuho Reiuji. Okuu will appear in her hell raven form for this match, making her resemble Raphael the Raven from Yoshi's Island. To defeat her, pick up the control rod that's lying on the ground then stomp on Okuu to make her cough up fireballs. Absorb one with the control rod, aim at Okuu's head (where a mushroom is perched) and fire! Be wary of Okuu's ground pound attacks and the lava pillars that she creates.

Sanae Kochiya

Hits to Defeat: 3

The next boss to face is the Wind Priestess, Sanae Kochiya. This is a rather tricky battle as you will have to watch out for the whirlwinds as well as the frog and snake figures that get blown about (they can hurt if they land on you). Sanae will float above, making herself an easy target. Catch the whirlwinds and, if possible, use the frog and snake as platforms to reach Sanae. This battle is easier if you happen to bring along the Reisen suit as you will be able to hover safely above her to attack.

Nue Houjuu

Hits to Defeat: 15

This time it is a battle aboard the Palanquin Ship with Nue Houjuu as your opponent. Prior to the fight, you will have to pick up the UFO powerup. Nue is unique as she doesn't directly attack you---she tosses powerups at you instead. If they come into contact, you will transform and fall, so do your best to avoid them. Sustain your form by constantly grabbing the UFO powerups during the fight. Aim at the mushroom Nue is riding on and you will eventually fell her! Unfortunately, the Three Mischievous Fairies will appear to steal Marisa's mushrooms! We're not done yet!

There's a little easter egg or trick in this fight: Nue also throws Super Mushrooms from time to time. If you are hit by one but touch Nue while falling, you will win the fight instantly. Pulling this off is of course very risky.

(You will not be able to return to shops after this, so make sure you stock well for the final level.)

Three Mischievous Fairies

Hits to Defeat: 3 (One for each fairy)

Possibly one of the easiest battles in the game. Star Sapphire, Lunar Child, and Sunny Milk will simply fly at you in an attempt to attack. Just jump and stomp on them. One hit will knock them out. After this, get ready for the real final battle!

Giant Mushroom

Hits to Defeat: 9 (Hit each fairy three times)

An odd final battle. Your mushrooms have fused to create a gigantic monstrosity. On a funnier note, the three fairies are trapped within the Giant Mushroom. The mushroom will attack by shooting out blue spores. Treat these like you would the kendama. Jump on them to stop their movement, grab them and chuck them at the fairies. Hit each fairy three times to free them. Once you free a fairy, you will receive a Super Mushroom. The Giant Mushroom will, at times, leap forward at you. Avoid this and be careful for the falling platforms as well. Keep it up and you'll soon defeat it.

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